Advertise with SoonerCon, Reach Thousands of Fans

SoonerCon offers two ways to advertise to the more than 3,500 individuals who attend the annual pop culture convention.
The first is space in the annual program book. This collectible booklet is prominently featured as a free interactive PDF download on our website and for a nominal fee at the convention. The book contains all programming information, guest bios, weekend schedule, and more so it’s well read by attendees.
The second is digital signage via a number of TV displays that rotate convention information and advertisements throughout the weekend.

Looking for something more? Check out our Sponsorship opportunities for even more ways to get your brand in front of SoonerCon fans.

— Black and White Program Book Ads —

Full Page

Black & White


5” wide x 7.5” tall

Includes 1 digital sign ad.

Half Page

Black & White


5” wide x 3.75” tall


2.25” wide x 7.5” tall

Quarter Page

Black & White


2.25” wide x 3.75” tall

— Digital Sign and Color Ads —

Digital Sign Ad Slot

Appears on Digital Schedule Signs


1080px wide x 1920px tall

Displays onsite at SoonerCon.

Full Page

Full Color Program Book Ad


5” wide x 7.5” tall

Includes 1 digital sign ad.

Half Page

Full Color Program Book Ad


5” wide x 3.75” tall

(Horizontal Only)

Program Book Ads

Program Book Circulation

1000+ printed copies of the program book are distributed at the convention. An interactive PDF of the program book will be prominently featured as a free download on our website in the week leading up to and during the convention. Our website generates views from over 11,000 unique visitors in the week leading up to and during the convention.

Program Book Ad Positioning

Advertisers will be given the best location possible. Request for preferred position will be honored when possible. Early bird advertisers will be given preference for ad location.

Print Ad Specifications

When submitting advertisements for the program book, PDF, JPEG and TIFF files are preferred for all ad sizes. All ads should be saved to scale at 300dpi and in the appropriate color mode for the ad purchased (grayscale for B/W and CMYK for color).

    Digital Sign Ad Slots

    Ad Rotation and Screen Time

    Ad boards display an hourly rotation cycle of event information and full-screen ads during convention operating hours. At the beginning of each hour, the new hourly schedule starts. Each one-hour block has 3–5 ads onscreen for 15 seconds each, with the convention schedule appearing for one minute between each ad.

    Ads are displayed on all three screens located in the main convention hall.

    During the one-hour block, each ad is displayed approximately 12 times. Ad sales will be capped at 40 paid ad slots, with each slot displaying approximately 30 times on three screens during the convention weekend.

    We will do our best to minimize any downtime.

    Price: $35 / Ad Slot

    Up to 4 ad slots may be purchased by a single company, but each ad slot must have different artwork.

    One ad slot = approximately 30 ad serves on each screen (90 total ad displays).

    Digital Sign Ad Specifications

    • Accepted Formats: JPEG or PNG
    • File Dimensions: 1920px tall x 1080px wide
    • Color Mode: RGB
    • Max File Size: 2MB

      Stated attendance numbers are based on past SoonerCon events. SoonerCon does not guarantee attendance numbers.

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