Soonercon 31 is the weekend of June 30-July 2, 2023. Please see www.soonercon.com for further details.


Panels (7’x2′ wire racks – limited*): $20
Tables (6’x2.5′ – limited*): $25
Print Shop (with panel or table): $5
Print Shop (without panel or table): $10

*Due to limited space any artist who needs more than 4 panels or 1 table MUST make special arrangements with the Art Show Director at artshow@soonercon.com before additional panels or tables will be sold. Our goal is to give both first-time and returning artists as much opportunity as possible to participate in the Art Show.

There will be a 15% commission taken on all art sold, with taxes paid by the buyer, so please price artwork accordingly. The majority of the Art Show will be panels, and two-dimensional artwork (photos, paintings, flat sculptures, specially mounted jewelry, etc) should hang on these. Tables are for art pieces that will not hang on a panel, such as sculptures. The wire panels are free standing (e.g. 7’ tall by 2’ wide) and are placed side by side to form 7’ tall by 4’ wide planes. If you have flat artwork larger than can be shown on 2 panels or need special consideration, you must contact artshow@soonercon.com.

We accept payment via GrowTix, check, or money orders. Please make out checks or money orders to Soonercon and put “Art Show” in the notes. Payment is due within 2 weeks (14 days) of receiving an Art Show payment link via email.  Space is not reserved until payment is received.  If paying by check or money order, email artshow@soonercon.com as soon as payment is mailed, so your space will be held pending payment arrival.  If paying by check or money order please use the above prices (do not include the GrowTix fees).


Mail checks or money orders to the below address:
Soonercon Art Show
104 SW 148th St
Oklahoma City, OK 73170

Art Show Hours:
Thursday: Hours TBD (Check In only, contact artshow@soonercon.com for appointment)
Friday: 1 pm – 6 pm (Check In starts at 8:30 am), Art Show Reception: 8 pm – 10 pm
Saturday: 10 am – 5 pm (Live Auction at 6 pm)
Sunday: 10 am – 3 pm (Artist Check Out starts at 1 pm)

Convention Membership:
Artists DO NOT receive convention membership with purchase of space in the Art Show. If you wish to attend the convention go to www.soonercon.com to purchase memberships to Soonercon 31. If you plan to personally set up your artwork, but not attend Soonercon, please contact artshow@soonercon.com to make arrangements.

A few things to note about the Art Show:
There will not be 24-hour in-room security. However, the show will be secured after hours, and 24-hour con security will be on staff. Soonercon personnel, hotel employees, and all other approved workers will not be held personally responsible for damage to pieces submitted to the Art Show. However, we will do all that we can to make sure the artwork remains as safe as possible.

All submissions must be the intellectual property of the displaying artist. Soonercon will not be responsible for plagiarized artwork. Any items found to be in violation WILL BE REMOVED from the show. Soonercon reserves the right not to display works which may be deemed unsuitable for general all-age audience view. AI generated art is not allowed in the Soonercon Art Show.

Please see the Soonercon policies page, Digitally-Enabled or Enhanced Creative Mediums at Soonercon, at https://soonercon.com/rules-and-policies/ for full policies regarding AI and 3D printed pieces.

All artists are expected to provide information for all artwork that they plan to bring to Soonercon prior to June 21, 2023. This information will be entered, by the artists, into GrowTix which is used to generate the control sheets and bid sheets for each artist.  Soonercon reserves the right to charge an additional $25.00 at the show to any artist who fails to provide needed information via GrowTix before the deadline.

The Soonercon technical development staff is currently setting up GrowTix for 2023.  A separate email will be sent with instructions on how to log in and enter your piece information.

If there are any updates in Art Show or Convention policies, information will be emailed by June 21, 2023.

Cancellation Policy: Art Show and Print Shop space, both panels and tables, is held for artists to the exclusion of others. Due to the difficulty in reselling space at the last minute, no refunds will be made after May 31, 2023.  Refunds will only be made if space is resold.


All Artists:
1) LOCATION: The Art Show will be in University Ballroom A & B at the Embassy Suites in Norman, OK.

2) PAYMENT FOR SPACE: If payment is not received, or arrangements made, within two weeks of the payment code being sent, then your panels or tables will not be guaranteed. Panels and tables for which payment has not been received will be released to the waiting list, then the general public, on a first-come, first-serve basis.

3) DISPLAYING ART: For non-Mail in Artists, setup times are as follows:

Thursday night (June 29th), Artist’s check in is by appointment only.
Friday morning (June 30th), Artist’s check in begins at 8:30 am.  (with the Art Show opening to the         Public at Noon)

Note: Once displayed, all artwork must be within the Panel or Table area.  This is both for the safety of the artwork, and to maintain Fire Marshall approved walk-ways for attendees.


4) REMOVING ART: You, or your agent, may pick up unsold art on Sunday, July 2nd (the last convention day) after 1 pm.  A copy of your control sheet will be required as proof to ensure the right person is receiving your artwork.  All unsold artwork must be picked up by 4pm.

5) AUCTION: Soonercon’s Art Show is a combination silent/live auction. When the Art Show opens to the public on Friday, and until the close of bidding on Saturday evening, silent bids will be made. At the close of bidding, any pieces with three (3) or more bids will be sent to the live auction. The Art Show staff may also send pieces to auction at their discretion. Without a Sunday Sale price listed, your art will not be sold on Sunday.

6) CHARITY AUCTION: The charity auction proceeds strictly benefit Soonercon’s annual charity.  For the most up to date information on this year’s charity please visit www.soonercon.com/charity/.  All artwork donations are appreciated. For more information about the charity auction please contact Michael Dean, Charity Manager, at charity@soonercon.com.

7) PRINT SHOP: The Print Shop is only for prints with matting, limited-run prints, bookmarks, and notecards, etc. Please no more than 3 copies of any item. If packaged correctly small art pieces could be sold in the print shop. Art Show Director has final say on the total number of prints allowed (limited by total space in the Print Shop). You may bring your own bin or stand for your prints, but the final arrangement (and whether or not your bin is used) is at the discretion of the Art Show Director. Each item/copy in the Print Shop must be entered into the online system as a unique item. Print Shop items are sold at a set price and do not go to the Live Auction. If you have any questions, contact artshow@soonercon.com.  

8) COMMISSION: Soonercon will take a 15% portion of sales as commission. Sales tax is added to the final bid price and paid by the Purchaser. Any costs for return shipping will be taken from the other 85% (please see Mail-In Artists section below for further details).

9) PAYMENT: Payment to artists is generally made within 4 weeks. This timeframe may vary, but we endeavor to ensure that artists will receive payment in a timely fashion.

10) ELECTRICITY: Due to the venue, electricity is not available to artists.  


Mail-in Artists:
1) RETURN POSTAGE: Please include a check, money order or pre-paid label for return postage. If you do not have artwork to ship back, we will return the unused payment to you. If your payment is greater than the actual return postage, the difference will be added to our payment to you. If artwork is received with no return postage or insufficient return postage, we will deduct the cost of return postage from your sales payment. If the cost of postage is in excess of the amount of your sales, the artwork will be held until we have received payment for shipping. We do apologize for this inconvenience.

2) If you prefer a particular panel layout for your artwork please enclose a schematic/picture of the layout and we will follow it as best we can.

3) Email us at artshow@soonercon.com to let us know when you ship your artwork and which carrier you used so we know when to expect it.  Please include a tracking number if available.

4) All Mail-In art must be mailed in time for it to arrive at the address below no later than June 16, 2023.

5) Mail art to:

Soonercon Art Show
104 SW 148th St
Oklahoma City, OK 73170


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