Cosplay Fashion Show

The Cosplay Fashion Show is a casual friendly contest for attendees to show off their costumes and for those who are not interested in competing in the staged costume contest, as well as for contestants who have assembled their costume from commercially produced or otherwise alternatively sourced (including but not limited to commissions and closet/thrifted cosplays).

Participants will be expected to show off runway-style in front of a Soonercon backdrop with open photography available, and may be judged based on this presentation (if wishing to participate) for the awards below.

Cosplay Fashion Show costumes must conform to all Convention Policies and must be worn in accordance with the Costuming policy. An escort is recommended if the costume impedes vision and mobility. If carrying a weapon prop, please be sure to carefully read all Weapons Policies.

Fashion Show Awards To Be Announced!

Participants may opt to be judged onsite during this event. Group and youth entries are permitted. Judges will recognize participants for the competition and award them as follows.

Awards will be presented at Intermission of the Costume Contest on Saturday, June 22 and at the closing ceremonies of the convention on Sunday, June 23.

Participants do not need to be present to win and will be contacted based on the contact information provided for the Cosplay Fashion Show at the time of the event.

Five cosplayers in anime costumes pose for a photo.
Two costumers in furry costumes pose. One is a white cat and the other is a yellow and pink critter.

Want to participate in the costume contest on the main stage? Check out the rules, prizes, and register before the show (required).

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