Costume Contests

Costuming Hall of Fame

Cosplay Fashion Show

Costuming and Cosplay at Soonercon

Put on your fluffiest ears, shiniest cogs, longest trains, and biggest boots for Oklahoma’s beloved costuming convention. Soonercon offers a wide variety of activities for cosplayers, fabricators and costumers of varying skill levels. This is your chance to show off your latest creations and learn new techniques.

Cosplay Activities Include:

Cosplay Fashion Show 

Cocktails & Cotton Tails (18+ socialite party featuring bunny suits and smoking jackets)

Costume Contest — Saturday

Children’s Costume Contest — Sunday

All-ages Dance — Friday night

Costuming and Fabrication Workshops

Star Wars Parade

Group Meetups

Photo Backdrops

Photography Opportunities — with voice actors and other content creators

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