Costume Contests

Costuming Hall of Fame

Costuming and Cosplay at Soonercon

Put on your fluffiest ears, shiniest cogs, longest trains, and biggest boots for Oklahoma’s beloved costuming convention. Soonercon offers a wide variety of activities for cosplayers and costumers of varying skill levels. This is your chance to show off your latest creations and learn new techniques.


Cosplay Activities Include:

  • Masquerade Costume Contest — Saturday
  • Children’s Costume Contest — Sunday
  • Hall Cosplay — All weekend
  • All-ages Dance — Friday night
  • Sewing Workshops
  • Fabrication Workshops
  • Star Wars Parade
  • Group Meetup Spaces
  • Photo Backdrops
  • Photography Opportunities — with voice actors and other content creators
Five cosplayers in anime costumes pose for a photo.
A woman smiles at the camera while holding a Captain America Shield and Thor's hammer.
Three cosplayers pose for a photo in Star Wars costumes. Two are Mandalorian.
Two costumers in furry costumes pose. One is a white cat and the other is a yellow and pink critter.
Two cosplayers dressed in elaborate kimonos, masks and umbrellas pose for the camera.
Two cosplayers pose for the camera smiling. One is dressed Toadette and the other as Princess Peach.


Join us for Oklahoma's longest-running and greatest pop culture convention.