D&D Adventurers League

D&D Epic Event

Stardock Under Siege

Saturday, July 1st

Mustering: 6:00 p.m., Starts: 7:00 p.m.

An image of the asteroid Stardock from Dungeons & Dragons floating above a planet with a red dragon flying in the foreground.
A Githyanki warrior fights a mind flayer in a Dungeons and Dragons image.

Stardock Under Siege

An illithid invasion threatens Stardock, and only you and your allies can stop it!

A Four-Hour D&D Epic Adventure for 1st-16th Level Characters.

Orbiting high above Toril is Stardock, a hollowed-out asteroid used by the Githyanki as a fortress/creche and connected to the Crystal Labyrinth in Undermountain via a magical gate.

Stardock was ruled by a cruel githyanki knight called Al’chaia for many years before she was killed by a party of adventurers. Her successor is Urlon, a noble psionic warrior who is a member of the secret society known as Sha’sal Khou.

Mustering for this event begins at 6:00 p.m. in order to ensure that we start on-time. Pre-registration is highly advised for this popular event.

You must have a Soonercon 31 membership AND register for the D&D Epic online to participate in the Epic Event.

Play these DDAL Adventures at Soonercon 31!

Check in to the DDAL table in the Soonercon Game Room for times.

Cover image for DM's Guild D&D adventure Rock, Paper, Pistols with the image of a Giff holding a suitcase and wearing a suit while surrounded by a clock in Roman numerals. There is a train flying through space from the clock. The words Ad Astra Rock, Paper, Pistols, SJ-DC-DD-01 Episode 1 appear on the bottom.

Rock Paper Pistols

Tier 1

Rock Paper Pistols is a 4-hour adventure designed for 1st- to 4th-level characters.
You’ve found yourselves in possession of a lockbox full of secrets – secrets to die for.

Can you unravel the truth before those who want it come calling?

Cover for D&D module Lone Survivors with plant creatures surrounded by a clock with Roman Numerals. There's a train flying through space and the text Ad Astra Lone Survivors SJ-DC-DD-02 Episode II.

Lone Survivors

Tier 1

Lone Survivor is a 4-hour adventure designed for 1st-4th Level Characters.

When a routine salvage mission takes a sudden, deadly turn, you have to wonder: In Wildspace, will anyone hear you scream?

Castles in the Sand D&D photograph

Castles in the Sand

Tier 1

Castles in the Sand is a 4-hour adventure designed for 1st-4th Level Characters.

When a fragment of the Monad surfaces at a tropical resort, it’s time to stow away your armor, put on your bathing suits, and hit the beach! For once, fun in the sun’s part of the job description. Just don’t let those sea monsters crash your party!

Cover for D&D module The Highest Bidder, features a mechanical man in a gold auctioneer outfit surrounded by a clock with Roman Numerals. There is a train flying through space. Text at the bottom reads As Astra The Highest Bidder SJ-DC-DD-04 Episode IV

The Highest Bidder

Tier 1

The Highest Bidder is a 4-hour adventure designed for 1st-4th Level Characters.

The race to claim a fragment of the Monad from a prestigious intergalactic auction house plunges you into a deadly web of lies and intrigue.

With four other factions vying for the prize, can you rise to the occasion, or will the fall of the hammer spell your defeat?

A psychedelic cover for the D&D module Flurry of the Flumphs, it showcases a rainbow colored Flumph creature with two eye stocks and tentacles floating in space with purple filagree surrounding it.

Flurry of the Flumphs

Tier 1

Flurry of the Flumphs is a 2-hour adventure designed for 1st-4th Level Characters.

The Flumphs’ pilgrimage to the Fluxspace, a location of religious fervor to the benign psionics, is being studied by an eccentric professor. You are hired by the Blackstaff tower to keep him safe and enjoy the majesty of the unique wildspace.

Cover for the D&D module The Show Must Go On. Features a masked Phantom-esque character in a tuxedo and cape on stage present to an audience of ghosts. The figure is surrounded a block with Roman Numerals. There is a train flying through space. Text reads As Astra The Show Must Go On SJ-DC-DD-05 Episode 5.

The Show Must Go On

Tier 2

The Show Must Go On is a 4-hour adventure designed for 5th-10th level characters.

The Monad has taken you to a most unexpected destination: a derelict theater floating in Wildspace.

Can you put on a show that brings peace to the unquiet dead?

Cover for D&D module Wayfarer's Log: The Hamster Trail. Features a tan and white hamster standing on it hind legs and wearing red and brown armor.

Wayfarer’s Log: The Hamster Trail

Tier 2

Wayfarer’s Log: The Hamster Trail is a 4-hour adventure for 5th-10th level Characters.


Be part of the best and brightest collective vision from your favorite technocorps, as Shin-Hyperion Wildspace builds towards a finer tomorrow. Apply now for a position in Convention Security, and enjoy the event as a workplace perk. (Potential employees are reminded to submit the EF-21 liability waiver forms against mundane workplace hazards. These include – but are not limited to – grievous injury, death or the loss of dignity.)

Welcome back to Faux Consortium, and we’re glad to have you with us.

Cover for the D&D module Frightmare of the Flux featuring two fish-like creatures with 3 red eyes, one gold and one blue circling each other. The fish are surrounded by gold filagree.

Frightmare of the Flux

Tier 2

Frightmare of the Flux is 2-4-hour Adventure for 5th-10th level Characters.

Strange nightmares are plaguing psionics across the realms: you or your loved ones are experiencing maddening dreams. Only a return to Fluxspace will resolve the nightmares. On the sea moon of Flow, an ancient evil sings a corrupting melody.

Story 2 of the Flumph Fantasy Trilogy

Cover for the D&D module the Dohwar Heist featuring a penguin creature wearing a suit and pointing one finger up.

Dohwar Heist

Tier 2

Dohwar Heist is a 4-hour adventure for 5th-10th Level Characters.

On the Rock of Bral the dohwar of the Silver Beak merchant cartel are feeling the squeeze as the mercane are moving in on their turf. To make matters worse a recent raid by vampirates has resulted in the loss of the secret production facilities for their most lucrative trade commodity, sweet honeyfish mooncakes. With time running out the dohwar require adventurers with a particular set of skills to infiltrate the vampirate stronghold, liberate the valuable cargo and get out without drawing too much heat. Sounds simple enough right? But what waits in the hidden vault for our intrepid heroes, and could they be biting off more than they can chew?

Cover for the D&D module Last Flight of Orca featuring a purple bird looking to the side while wearing silver armor. They are standing in front of a window of a space ship.

Last Flight of the Orca

Tier 3

Last Flight of the Orca is a 4-hour adventure for 11th-16th Level Characters.

You’ve been hired aboard a dohwar merchant ship as extra security for an upcoming conference. The last few days have been quiet, almost relaxing as the Uspo rockets across Wildspace, that is until the ship is ripped unceremoniously from spelljamming speed. What lies before you is the massive form of a derelict Whaleship, a long forgotten hulk drifting silently through parts unknown. The ship appears to be the source of an intense gravity well that is keeping your crew from escaping. What awaits our intrepid heroes onboard The Orca and will they return from the belly of the beast?

Cover image for the D&D Module Red Flag of Dread. It features a black haired female vampire wearing pirate garments and hat. She has red eyes and a drip of blood coming from her open mouth.

Red Flag of Dread

Tier 3

Red Flag of Dread is a 4-hour adventure for 11th-16th Level Characters.

Security detail at Wildspace’s largest merchant convention seemed like an easy gig. That was until the dreaded Red Flag Fleet attacked and the lives of the dohwar of the Silver Beak Cartel were thrown into chaos! Can you catch the ruthless vampirates and stop Dread Captain Yi before it’s too late?

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