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Collage of characters voiced by Erica Harlacher

Erika Harlacher


Erika Harlacher (withakgames on Twitch and YouTube) is a Los Angeles-based voice actress in video games, anime, and animation. She is best known for her roles as Ann Takamaki in Persona 5, Venti in Genshin Impact, Kurapika in Hunter x Hunter, Elizabeth in The Seven Deadly Sins, Kyrie in Final Fantasy VII Remake, Kyoko and Kaede in the Danganronpa games, and many more.

Autographs – $40 each
Selfie photo with Erika at the table – $30
Combination of autograph and photograph – $60 each
Autographs on Funko Pops – $50 each


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Collage of characters voiced by Erica Harlacher


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