Frequently Asked Questions

What is SoonerCon?

SoonerCon is the Oklahoma City metro area’s longest-running pop culture convention that happens every summer in Norman, OK.

The convention hosts celebrity guests, unique shopping opportunities, costume contests, an all-ages dance, the largest sci-fi and fantasy art show in the region, tabletop and video gaming, panels, workshops, kids programming and three days of fun for the whole family. 

When and where will SoonerCon 29 be held?

SoonerCon 29 is Canceled. See the Cancellation page for more info.

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What is there to do at SoonerCon?

SoonerCon 29 will have LOTS of stuff to do.
Here are some of the highlights:

  • A large variety of scheduled and open play tabletop and video games
  • Miniature painting
  • Multiple costume contests with prizes
  • Kids activities (12 and under are free!)
  • Unique shopping opportunities with vendors, artisans, and artists
  • Cool photo opportunities with backdrops and costumed characters
  • One of the largest sci-fi and fantasy-themed art shows in the Southwest
  • Art reception on Friday night
  • Art and charity auctions on Saturday
  • 100+ different discussion panels with authors, artists, scientists, and other celebrity guests
  • All ages dance on Friday night
  • Film screenings
  • Live music and comedy performances
  • Hands-on workshops with subject matter experts
  • …and much much more!
What are the convention rules?

Visit our Rules and Policies page.

How much does it cost to attend?

Weekend memberships are $50 in advance or $60 at the door. Day memberships vary by day. Kids 12 and under are free with a paid adult membership. Learn more on our Memberships page

How do I contact SoonerCon?

You can email us at

Can I get an exhibitor booth at SoonerCon?

Maybe! Be sure to apply early and follow the instructions on the Exhibitor Hall page to learn about the application process. Booth spaces fill up quickly so if you’re contacting us close to the con, you’ll likely be added to a waiting list. 

What is the difference between an Artist Alley, Art Show, and Club space?

The Artist Alley consists of approximately 60 table lining the hallways of the main conference space. Artist Alley tables are ideal for networking, taking commissions, and selling prints. Space in Artist Alley is intended for individual artists and writers and one weekend membership is included with table purchase. One additional weekend membership may be purchased at a discounted rate at the same time an Artist Alley table is purchased. Check out the Artist Alley page for more info.

The Art Show ( is an art gallery. Artists display and sell their artwork in the silent auction without having to babysit it. Additionally, pieces that get enough bids in the silent auction by Saturday afternoon go to the live art auction on Saturday evening conducted by SoonerCon staff. Artists who have a Friday or Weekend Membership to SoonerCon will have the chance to meet potential buyers at the art reception on Friday evening. Check out the Art Show page for more info.

Club Tables are intended for clubs, organizations, and conventions – not individuals. Each Club table comes with two weekend memberships. Club space is located in the Exhibitor Hall. Sales and fundraisers at Club tables are prohibited without prior written permission from our club coordinator. Check out the Clubs page for more info.

Can I purchase a half table in Artist Alley?

We do not sell half tables or have split-pricing options. We encourage you to find a partner to share table space with and split the costs in your own way.

How does SoonerCon support the community?

In addition to supporting independent creators and being entirely volunteer-organize, SoonerCon hosts various fundraisers at each convention for local charities, including a live charity auction.

Can I volunteer at SoonerCon?

Yes! Well, probably. We are an entirely volunteer-run event and need help in every area. However, we do require a background check. Learn more and apply on our Volunteer page

How do I support SoonerCon?

SoonerCon is run by the nonprofit organization Future Society of Central Oklahoma. You can support SoonerCon by buying memberships to the convention, sponsoring SoonerCon, or selecting Future Society of Central Oklahoma as your supporting charity through Amazon Smile.

Can I dress up?

Yes! Costuming is a HUGE part of SoonerCon. Members wear costumes all weekend just for fun or to enter our costume contests. Check out the Costuming page for more information.

Can I dress up as Rocket Raccoon?

Yes. Trash pandas are the best.

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