Amber Hanneken

Amber Hanneken is a marketing and communications leader with over a decade of experience launching products and improving brand messaging for successful technology companies. With a background in newspaper journalism, she uses her writing prowess to develop effective audience-based messaging for web, print, email, and social media.

Amber currently works for the Streamlabs team at Logitech. Streamlabs offers all-in-one platforms for live streamers and content creators to engage with viewers, monetize their broadcasts, and grow their channels. The company has helped creators earn $964 million since 2011 and raised $16.4 million for partnered charities.

In her spare time, Amber serves on the Children’s Miracle Network Corporate Partners Board for Children’s Hospital Foundation. There, she leads Extra Life, a program that unites gamers to raise funds for the hospital. She also serves as Director of Communications for SoonerCon.

Her hobbies include miniature painting, Dungeons and Dragons, video games, curling up to a good anime or animated film, and cat cuddling.

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