Aoi Kitsu

Aoi Kitsu is a nonbinary cosplayer from Oklahoma. They have been cosplaying since they were in middle school in 2014, and have been loving the hobby ever since! They have won multiple awards for their cosplay of Hawks from My Hero Academia. Their love of all things costume sprouted from their first love, Disney World. When not cosplaying, Aoi Kitsu is a part-time college student working towards their Bachelor’s degree in Psychology while also working at Disney World in Orlando, FL.

Noon | Location: Oklahoma HIJ

Love Live! Random Dance Play

Do you love idols? Do you love Love Live!? Come meet and dance with cosplay idols and fans of idol culture! Be sure to bring your light sticks, some water, and fan chants! No experience or idol cosplay is necessary! We invite all skill levels, no matter if you have been a Day 1 fan of µ's or you just discovered Liella!

Moderator: Aoi Kitsu

Panelists: Aoi Kitsu, Delightful Hericane, Madi

Tracks: Anime, Music, Performing Arts

4:00 PM | Location: Oklahoma E - Back Wall Table


One-hour signings.

Tracks: Autographs

10:00 AM | Location: Oklahoma G

Catastrophic Cosplay

Sometimes a seam pops, sometimes a design is too ambitious, sometimes bad deals are made or things get really...weird. We'll cover it all! Cosplayers happily discuss their favorite disastrous cosplay experiences, and how this helped them improve.

Moderator: Court's Cosplay

Panelists: Alice-of-Hearts, Aoi Kitsu, Carousel Costumes, Jovial Juggernaut

Tracks: Costuming & Fashion, Maker, Cosplay

3:00 PM | Location: Oklahoma HIJ

Delightful Hericane K-pop & Idol Dancing Show

K-pop and idol dancing performances brought to you by Delightful Hericane and Aoi Kitsu!

Moderator: Madi

Panelists: Madi, Aoi Kitsu, Delightful Hericane

Tracks: Anime, Music, Performing Arts

5:00 PM | Location: Boomer A

Popped Culture

When crunch is the norm and everyone's disposable, how does this affect pop culture and media? Examine burnout and its effects on our society. What's the spec-fic take?

Moderator: Aoi Kitsu

Panelists: Aoi Kitsu, Alice-of-Hearts, Buck Berlin, Charles Dane Clark, Rook Riley, Martha Steele

Tracks: Health & Wellness, Pop Culture & Entertainment, Culture & World Affairs, Business & Marketing

10:00 AM | Location: Oklahoma G


What are the social and mental-health benefits of cosplay? We discuss the psychology behind character development and various sociological elements of cosplay, emphasizing why we choose to be someone or something else.

Moderator: Knightmage

Panelists: Knightmage, Aoi Kitsu, Lauren Howard (Stellae Cosplay), Rynaga, TattedSith Cosplay, the Lo-Fi Ky

Tracks: Cosplay, Costuming & Fashion

11:00 AM | Location: Oklahoma HIJ

Kids Costume Contest

SoonerCon's annual Kids Costume Contest on the main stage (ages 5-12), featuring costumes imagined and made by younglings. Participants can pre-register online or onsite Friday and Saturday during registration hours at the Costuming Info Table. Sign-ups are first come, first served with a cap of 30 participants. Prizes sponsored by Bernina of OKC.

Moderator: John Eads

Panelists: John Eads, Aoi Kitsu, Heroic Inner Kids, Kekkuda, Leslie Raymond

Tracks: Contest, Cosplay, Costuming & Fashion, Kids, Maker