Barrett Huddleston

Barrett Huddleston is a graduate-educated college secondary and educational instructor. He began his broadcasting career as Roscoe the Penguin on The Carpenter’s Children. Since then he has directed, performed, and produced more than fifty professional and academic productions. Barrett has served as a college instructor in the Humanities and Performing Arts for the past two decades. For several years, he served as a training and marketing manager for Mad Science of Central Oklahoma as Professor Bungle Botch. He has been awarded with state and national recognition for his contributions to the Edmond Historical Society’s 1940s Radio Comedy Theater. Barrett frequently collaborates with the Society’s Radio Drama program. He also writes for the performance group the Skit Guys.

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2:00 PM | Location: Oklahoma HIJ

Finer Arts of Oklahoma Presents: I've Made a Monster

This performance is suitable for Pre-K to Middle School audiences. In one hour or less, the Finer Artist before you will turn into a monster! Perfect for spooky occasions, this assembly program uses costume drama, demonstrations, and audience participants to share stories of creatures from around the world through interactive entertainment. With each monstrous change – bigfoot's feet, minotaur’s horns, vampire’s teeth – the Finer Artist shares tales ideal for all audiences.

Moderator: Barrett Huddleston

Panelists: Barrett Huddleston

Tracks: Performing Arts, Kids

3:00 PM | Location: Embassy Hotel: Bedlam 1 Boardroom

Choosing and Using Free Game-Design Software

Developing a tabletop boardgame from alpha to beta testing can encumber designers with prohibitive expenses. This demonstration and workshop will supply participants with a surplus of free-to-use online applications for the layout, construction, editing, and manufacture of original and print-on-demand board and card games. Applications will include Canva, Lunapic, Background Removal, Token Tool, and Vector. This workshop is ideal for participants that lack formal training in digital design software but wish to enhance test copies of their boardgame designs and resources for existing tabletop games. (1 hour. Limit 14 participants. $5 fee.)

Moderator: Barrett Huddleston

Panelists: Barrett Huddleston

Tracks: Gaming, Maker, Workshop