Brenna Deutchman

Brenna of Whimsical Whiskers creates unique Dream Guardians—snuggly, cuddly, adorable plush stuffed animals. A Dream Guardian defends against nightmares, keeps secrets, sooths anxiety, and is a reminder of self worth. The dragons, dragon foxes and dragon bunnies are here to remind you how special and wonderful you are.

These cuddle companions are always ready to play and dress up. Some are the right size to travel in your pocket on a keychain, and some are bigger, for hugs and love.

All of our products are original designs. Production, sewing, and construction are overseen by Brenna, the designer and artist.

Accessories and jointed dragons are handmade in Denver, CO and the USA by local artisans. Each dragon is jointed, stuffed, and finished by Brenna, with help from friends, family, and guild members.

Some original designs are factory-produced off-site. But Brenna works closely to ensure quality, softness of fabric, and ethical production. All are safety tested for age 0 (baby safe).

4:00 PM | Location: Embassy Hotel: Bedlam 1 Boardroom

Stuffed Animal Make & Take: Quick Stuffie

Come make a simple stuffed animal. No sewing required. Use scissors, tie knots, insert eyes, and decorate your own whale or dinosaur stuffie. Children under 7 should be accompanied by an adult. (Two 30-minute sessions. Limit 14 participants per session. $15 fee/session.)

Moderator: Brenna Deutchman

Panelists: Brenna Deutchman

Tracks: Maker, Art, Workshop

10:30 PM | Location: Embassy Hotel: Crimson Meeting Room

Late Night Artists Chat Vol. 1

This is a chance for artists and fans to meet in a relaxed setting to talk all things art! Ask questions, share ideas, and socialize. (Hotel side)

Moderator: Crazy Red Artist

Panelists: Crazy Red Artist, Cal Custard, Brenna Deutchman, EBA Comedy, Hall of Femme, Lyde Van Hoy, Carolyn Kay, Kekkuda, Chaz Kemp, Knightmage, Lollalotus, Madi, Mimic Rae, Moe, Michael Mosley, R Karch Photography, WandererTJ, ET Wardwell, Mel. White, Scott Zrubek

Tracks: Meetup, Art, General Interest

3:00 PM | Location: Boomer A

Fan Art vs. Original Art

While fan art is intended as a tribute to the original work, some creators and collectors are concerned. It’s use of an artists' intellectual property by someone else—particularly when put out for sale. Where does homage end and plagiarism begin?

Moderator: Chaz Kemp

Panelists: Chaz Kemp, JR Daniels, Brenna Deutchman, Jovial Juggernaut, Harold Neal, Scott Zrubek

Tracks: Business & Marketing, Internet Life, Writing & Publishing, Cosplay, Gaming, Art

Noon | Location: Embassy Hotel: JQH Boardroom

Stuffed Animal Make & Take : Design Your Own

Come design and create your own simple stuffed animal. Hand sewing required. Design, hand sew, and stuff your own plushie! Children under 7 should be accompanied by an adult. (1 hour. Limit 14 participants. $15 fee.)

Moderator: Brenna Deutchman

Panelists: Brenna Deutchman

Tracks: Art, Maker, Workshop