Christina Stiles

Christina Stiles is a tabletop game publisher from South Carolina. Her publications, available through Misfit Studios, include The Book of Passion (love and sex in your 3.75 game); Love & Justice; Bite Me! The Gaming Guide to Lycanthropes; and Rogue Mage RPG, Role Playing in the World of Faith Hunter. She formerly taught an RPG-writing course at Winthrop University, but left the academic world for a corporate cubicle.

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1:00 PM | Location: Sooner A

Getting Started with DnD 5e

Starting out on the Dungeons & Dragons journey? Learn everything from character creation, the rules of the game, and some how-tos and tips for your game.

Moderator: Ash King

Panelists: Ash King, Michael Cross, Ethan Doughty, Pioneer Library System, Christina Stiles

Tracks: Gaming

3:00 PM | Location: Sooner A

A Storyteller Is Born: Game Mastering 101

We discuss the humble beginnings of learning to run your own TTRPG (Table Top Role Playing Game). From tips to tricks of the trade, rules to know (and break), to choosing the right system for you and your players and developing home-brew elements to customize a game, these experienced GMs and players tell all for new dungeon masters.

Moderator: Pigeon

Panelists: Pigeon, Brook Bullock, Joshua Cook, Rook Riley, Seth Skorkowsky, Christina Stiles

Tracks: Gaming

3:00 PM | Location: Sooner A

RPG Adventure Writing

So you've decided to write a game module? Awesome! Game writers and developers share advice on how to write adventures, compensate when players derail the plot, and provide inspirational narrative elements to help players develop characters and engage in roleplaying.

Moderator: Michael Cross

Panelists: Michael Cross, Mark Finn, Lyde Van Hoy, Jeff Provine, Seth Skorkowsky, Christina Stiles

Tracks: Writing & Publishing, Gaming

1:00 PM | Location: Sooner B

The Art of the Long Game: Keeping Momentum, Staying the Course

It’s easy to be super motivated when your business is brand new! But keeping momentum is hard. Setbacks and unexpected problems will face every artist. Our panel of professionals will talk about strategies that keep you focused and productive!

Moderator: Tommy B. Smith

Panelists: Tommy B. Smith, Blair Bartlett - Alternate Realities Studio, Rubiee Tallyn Hayes, Christina Stiles, Kim Ventrella, Scott Zrubek

Tracks: Maker, Cosplay, Art, Gaming, Business & Marketing, Writing & Publishing