Clinton Girkin

Clinton Girkin is a longtime member of the anime and AMV community, and has been watching anime since Pokémon aired in syndication. He’s heavily involved in the anime community and was an officer at both the OU and OSU anime clubs. His YouTube channel, TheClintonGirkinShow, is where he posts anime music videos, one of his favorite hobbies.

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1:00 PM | Location: Boomer A

Guilty Pleasure Anime

Even “bad” anime can be good fun. Stand by your fandom! What are some of your all-time favorite guilty-pleasure animes, and what makes them so bad that they're good? Cosplay encouraged!

Moderator: Jovial Juggernaut

Panelists: Jovial Juggernaut, Crazy Red Artist, Fae Mullens, Clinton Girkin

Tracks: Cosplay, Anime, Fandoms

11:00 AM | Location: Boomer A

Anime of the 80s and 90s

A nostalgic look at the anime of the 80s and 90s. What are your favorite shows to watch today, and which need to stay in the vault (for reasons...)?

Moderator: Clinton Girkin

Panelists: Clinton Girkin, La Blanke, Tyrell Gephardt, Luna Reign Cosplay, Squirrelly Jedi Photography

Tracks: Anime

3:00 PM | Location: Embassy Hotel: Bedlam 2 Boardroom

Intro to AMVs

An introduction to Anime Music Videos (AMVs). What are they, how to make them, and tips for competing in convention AMV contests. (1 hour) Limit 14 participants.

Moderator: Clinton Girkin

Panelists: Clinton Girkin

Tracks: Anime, Internet Life

3:00 PM | Location: Boomer A

Who's that Pokémon?

Funny folks with various levels of Pokémon knowledge guess the silhouettes or make stuff up! Can you guess who's that Pokémon? Panelist and audience participation encouraged!

Moderator: Chaotic Neutral Cosplay

Panelists: Chaotic Neutral Cosplay, Clinton Girkin, Sally Hamilton, Kimber, Moe, TattedSith Cosplay

Tracks: Anime, Gaming