David Carrico

David Carrico’s professional writing career began in 2004 when Eric Flint purchased several of his stories and subsequently published them in The Grantville Gazette magazine, dedicated to the best-selling 1632 series. A die-hard alternate-history aficionado, David is a frequent contributor and collaborator in the 1632 series, including co-authoring with Eric Flint the novel 1636: The Devil’s Opera, published in 2013, an Amazon Editor’s Choice book. David and Eric also collaborated on the Dragon Award finalist novel The Span of Empire, published in 2016, part of the popular Jao Empire series.

In addition, David has written a number of science fiction and fantasy novels and numerous shorter works, frequently putting twists on traditional memes and tropes—like the light-hearted epic fantasy Dragon Wizard trilogy, and the forthcoming novel The Blood Is the Life, which describes “What happens when a good Jewish boy grows fangs?”

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4:00 PM | Location: Boomer A

Character-Building Exercises

Some characters spring forth, fully realized as Athena. Others might be throwaways, or that guy who annoyed you in high school. Panelists share tips and techniques for keeping characters real and memorable.

Moderator: Julia S. Mandala

Panelists: Julia S. Mandala, David Carrico, Rosemary Clement-Moore, Ethan Nahté, Selina Rosen, Steven E. Wedel

Tracks: Writing & Publishing, Pop Culture & Entertainment, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Gaming

5:00 PM | Location: Boomer A

Mapping Out Magic

Making sense of how a magic system works. What are the limits of magic in a fantasy world? How do those boundaries enrich the story?

Moderator: Julia S. Mandala

Panelists: Julia S. Mandala, David Carrico, J.H. Fleming, Carolyn Kay, Dennis McDonald, Bradley H Sinor

Tracks: Supernatural & Paranormal, Writing & Publishing, Fantasy

Noon | Location: Oklahoma G

Science and Religion: A Zero-Sum Relationship?

Some think religious faith precludes scientific objectivity. Others feel that science has outstripped “superstitions” like religion. Still others are calling for a New Enlightenment period in an increasingly misinformed world. How does the speculative-fiction writer address all sides and tell a compelling story?

Moderator: Jan S. Gephardt

Panelists: Jan S. Gephardt, David Carrico, Charles Dane Clark, Rebecca Jackson, B J Thrower

Tracks: Writing & Publishing, Science Fiction, STEM

3:00 PM | Location: University C

Poetry Readings & Open Mic

Two poems, or six minutes. Come share your poetry and listen to fellow poets in this open-mic forum reading session. Featuring readings from featured guest, Muriel Fahrion.

Moderator: Daniel Erickson

Panelists: Daniel Erickson, Mark Alfred, David Carrico, Muriel Fahrion, Melinda LaFevers, Rie Sheridan Rose

Tracks: Writing & Publishing

4:00 PM | Location: Boomer B

Folk and Fantasy, Kith and Kin

Modern fantasy and urban fantasy often draw from oral and academic histories of folktales worldwide. How are these best incorporated into today's sf stories? And what's the line between appreciation and appropriation of these cultural myths in making new media mythologies?

Moderator: Rhonda Eudaly

Panelists: Rhonda Eudaly, David Carrico, Shai Fenwick, A. Lee Martinez, Ted Pennella, Steven E. Wedel

Tracks: History, Pop Culture & Entertainment, Supernatural & Paranormal, Writing & Publishing, Fantasy

10:00 AM | Location: Boomer A

Reimagining the Hero's Journey for SF

What does a good hero story look like today in spec fic? High tech, low tech, otherworldly and fantastic settings aside, how has the hero's journey changed in 2022? What stories need telling now? What's it mean to be a hero, anyway?

Moderator: Rhonda Eudaly

Panelists: Rhonda Eudaly, Brook Bullock, David Carrico, Rosemary Clement-Moore, Daniel Erickson, A C Smart

Tracks: Writing & Publishing, Pop Culture & Entertainment, Anime, Film & TV, Gaming, Fandoms, Cosplay

11:00 AM | Location: Oklahoma E - Back Wall Table


One-hour signings.

Tracks: Autographs

1:00 PM | Location: Boomer B

How the Little Dragon Got So Big in Art

Dragons in early art tended to be smaller than a horse. Today's dragons are mighty and massive. What caused dragon inflation? An open discussion about the size discrepancies of dragons in art.

Moderator: Ted Pennella

Panelists: Ted Pennella, David Carrico, Tim Chessmore, Teddy Harvia, W J Hodgson

Tracks: History, Art, Culture & World Affairs, Fantasy