Dr. Paisley

Murray. Dr. Paisley. Obi-Wan Chernobyl. Dances with Habaneros. Once again, SoonerCon will be blessed by the presence of the man who created “Klingon-Smurf Wrestling Slash,” and coined the phrase “Gang Pon Farr,” among his many dubious accomplishments. You will know him by his bleeding (as in your eyeballs)-edge fashion sense; love of craft beer, whisk(e)y, and cigars; eclectic taste in music and literature; and puns.

Over a 40+ year fannish career, Murray has rubbed multiple zines; served as production manager and contributor to the thrice-Hugo finalist review zine Tangent; designed two Worldcon souvenir books (Montréal and Kansas City) and a pair of World Fantasy Con books (oddly enough, Montréal and for 2023, Kansas City). He also chaired a convention. Once. (Sometimes he learns.)

Murray has a nigh-fetishistic interest in prime numbers, which he puts to good use at art and charity auctions, providing both entertainment and a learning experience for the audience. He resides in Kansas City, MO, with his wives Margene and Paula, and the obligatory cat, Yum! That’s her name, complete with the bang. Her brother was named Siegfried.

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5:00 PM | Location: University C

Game Show: Real or Alternative History?

Two teams of contestants decide if certain "facts" are alternate history or really happened. Audience participation encouraged!

Moderator: Phillip Drayer Duncan

Panelists: Phillip Drayer Duncan, Peri Charlifu, Dr Paisley, vickey malone kennedy, Kimber, Tracy S. Morris, Ted Pennella, Joey “Okie Space Queen” Rodman, Mel. White

Tracks: Gaming, History, General Interest, Contest

7:00 PM | Location: Embassy Hotel: Interior Courtyard - Atrium

Literary Beers

Join panelists in the hotel lounge for lively conversation. BYO beverages, please.

Moderator: Julie Barrett

Panelists: Julie Barrett, La Blanke, Brook Bullock, Charles Dane Clark, Dr Paisley, Phillip Drayer Duncan, J.H. Fleming, Tim Frayser, Caleb Haldane, Nick Johnson, Bekah June, Mike Kennedy, Kimber, Dennis McDonald, Paula Helm Murray, Pigeon, Alan J Porter, James Simpson, Bradley H Sinor, Sue Sinor, A C Smart, Stevo the Gutter Nerd, ET Wardwell, Steven E. Wedel, Mario Wytch

Tracks: Meetup, Food & Drink, General Interest, Writing & Publishing

3:00 PM | Location: Boomer B

Build a SyFy™ Saturday Night

Panelists spin the wheel for wacky plotline components and actor combinations, and create an original Saturday Night SyFy™ feature!

Moderator: Phillip Drayer Duncan

Panelists: Phillip Drayer Duncan, Dr Paisley, David J. Pedersen, Rook Riley, Selina Rosen, Craig Wolf

Tracks: Gaming, Writing & Publishing, Fandoms, Film & TV

11:00 AM | Location: Sooner B

Groupthink, Misinformation, Moral Panics, and More

Survey the behavior of those caught up in societal panics. Examples are the Red Scare, (fictional) child-abuse rings, Satanic panic and D&D, mad gassers, and such. Must a group define itself by defining and condemning an Other, even if the Other ain’t there?

Moderator: Dara Fogel, PhD

Panelists: Dara Fogel, PhD, Dr Paisley, Mark Finn, Pigeon, Joey “Okie Space Queen” Rodman, A C Smart

Tracks: Culture & World Affairs, General Interest