Everyday Futurist

Tim Morgan is an award-winning professional futurist who has worked with NASA Langley, Kimberly Clark, Ontario Institute of Cancer Research, and others. He is founder and lead futures researcher at the North Texas Foresight Institute. He is a member of the Association of Professional Futurists where he was a 2019 Emerging Fellow University of Houston Strategic Foresight Masters program.

His topics include student research on the future of Quantified Self in 2017 and his 2019 twelve-essay exploration of how technology will change modes of ownership by 2050.

Tim is also a life-long SF&F fan, dachshund dad, occasional competitive costumer-prop maker, a former con-runner, a self-identified Infovore, and irregular writer on all things future. He sometimes blogs as the Everyday Futurist.

10:00 AM | Location: Sooner B

3D Printing Tech Today

How close we are to replicators! 3D printing is bleeding-edge tech. Experienced printers talk tech about 3D-printing technologies for general consumers. What's out there now, and what's on the immediate horizon?

Moderator: Everyday Futurist

Panelists: Everyday Futurist, Tim Chessmore, RedDirt3D, the Lo-Fi Ky

Tracks: General Interest, Maker, STEM

1:00 PM | Location: Boomer B

Before and After the Plague

Or, COVID-19 as a taste of apocalypse. How has it changed how we communicate, work, innovate, and live? What's the state of human society, and the things we've taken for granted in our post-pandemic world? What's getting better?

Moderator: Tyrell Gephardt

Panelists: Tyrell Gephardt, Everyday Futurist, Sheila Hartney, Brian A. Hopkins

Tracks: General Interest, Health & Wellness, STEM

2:00 PM | Location: Sooner B

Writers Change the STEM World

Talk about “a wish to build a dream on”! From Edward Bellamy's prediction of the credit card to Clarke's projection of communications satellites, we survey how imagined tech in science fiction has influenced the world.

Moderator: Pigeon

Panelists: Pigeon, Aaron Bossig, Rhonda Eudaly, Everyday Futurist, Brian A. Hopkins, Ted Pennella

Tracks: STEM, Writing & Publishing, Science Fiction

7:00 PM | Location: Embassy Hotel: Interior Courtyard - Atrium

Literary Beers

Join panelists in the hotel lounge for lively conversation. BYO beverages, please.

Moderator: Rosemary Clement-Moore

Panelists: Rosemary Clement-Moore, Daniel Erickson, Everyday Futurist, Shai Fenwick, Mark Finn, Dara Fogel, PhD, Tyrell Gephardt, Sally Hamilton, Sheila Hartney, Carolyn Kay, Chaz Kemp, vickey malone kennedy, Melinda LaFevers, Julia S. Mandala, A. Lee Martinez, Tracy S. Morris, Michael Mosley, Ethan Nahté, Ted Pennella, Rook Riley, Rie Sheridan Rose, Seth Skorkowsky, Karen Thrower, Mel. White, Craig Wolf

Tracks: Food & Drink, Writing & Publishing, Meetup, General Interest

Noon | Location: Embassy Hotel: Bedlam 2 Boardroom

Building Better Futures

How to use Design and Foresight tools to build plausible futures for writing, games, movies, cosplay, and more. Professional futurist Tim Morgan aka Everyday Futurist guides this introductory session on future-minded thinking. (2 hours. Limit 14 participants.)

Moderator: Everyday Futurist

Panelists: Everyday Futurist

Tracks: STEM, Culture & World Affairs, Business & Marketing, General Interest, Science Fiction, Workshop