L.L. Killjoy

L.L. Killjoy is a local cosplayer and costume designer. They have been sewing since they were a small monster and have been cosplaying for over a decade. Their costume work can be seen in national drag pageants, local cosplay contests, and on television. Killjoy considers themselves a drag monster and has been a champion for individuality and creative expression in the drag world since their rise from the underworld years ago.

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10:00 PM | Location: University C

Killjoy's Drag Cosplay Spectacular

The Cosplay Spectacular is a revue of drag and cosplay artists from all over Oklahoma (and maybe beyond!). Join us for a fun show featuring hosts L.L.Killjoy and Mica Membrane!

Moderator: L.L.Killjoy

Panelists: L.L.Killjoy, GatorDunn, Mica Membrane, Phoenix Noire, Yakisoba Michaels

Tracks: Music, Pop Culture & Entertainment, Performing Arts, Cosplay