Leslie Raymond

Leslie has been sewing for 40(!)-ish years, performing and costuming for the Medieval Fair of Norman since 2005, and working at Bernina OKC for 13 years. Her primary sewing is costuming, mostly medieval and a little on the motley side. She was raised by sci-fi & fantasy lovers who helped warp her towards an early love of Dr. Who, Stars - both Trek and Wars, as well as early fears of Daleks and Cylons. Ultimately this led her to fill her life with similarly strange folks who like to gather together dressed in funny outfits.

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11:00 AM | Location: Oklahoma HIJ

Kids Costume Contest

SoonerCon's annual Kids Costume Contest on the main stage (ages 5-12), featuring costumes imagined and made by younglings. Participants can pre-register online or onsite Friday and Saturday during registration hours at the Costuming Info Table. Sign-ups are first come, first served with a cap of 30 participants. Prizes sponsored by Bernina of OKC.

Moderator: John Eads

Panelists: John Eads, Aoi Kitsu, Heroic Inner Kids, Kekkuda, Leslie Raymond

Tracks: Costuming & Fashion, Kids, Maker, Contest, Cosplay