Martha Steele

Martha Steele has been a radio broadcaster since 1984 and is currently the assistant program director and afternoon-drive host on 98.9 KISS FM in Oklahoma City. She also is the host of Sunday Morning Magazine, a public-affairs program which airs on all Cumulus Media OKC radio stations.

In 2016 with her friend Voni Golden, she started the podcast 3 Book Girls, which is approaching its 300th episode. They recently launched Steele Trap Productions LLC, making it official! Martha has many hobbies and a couple of unpublished fantasy novels lurking in the bowels of her computer feeling neglected. She is a super reader, consuming at least 3 audio books per week. Most of her favorite books are cyberpunk and space opera.

5:00 PM | Location: Boomer A

Popped Culture

When crunch is the norm and everyone's disposable, how does this affect pop culture and media? Examine burnout and its effects on our society. What's the spec-fic take?

Moderator: Aoi Kitsu

Panelists: Aoi Kitsu, Alice-of-Hearts, Buck Berlin, Charles Dane Clark, Rook Riley, Martha Steele

Tracks: Culture & World Affairs, Business & Marketing, Health & Wellness, Pop Culture & Entertainment

2:00 PM | Location: Sooner A

Start Your Own Podcast

You want your own podcast, but where do you start? Learn from established indie podcasters about gear, episode planning, hosting, recording, editing, and building a regular listening audience. Let's begin!

Moderator: Martha Steele

Panelists: Martha Steele, Aaron Bossig, Michael Cross, Caleb Masters, Michael Mosley, Seth Skorkowsky

Tracks: Podcasting, Internet Life, Pop Culture & Entertainment