Mica Membrane

Mica Membrane is an Oklahoma-based cosplayer, public speaker, and drag king. They have been cosplaying for over a decade and before the pandemic decided to bridge the gap between cosplay and drag. They host the Cosplay Spectacular drag show with their spouse L.L. Killjoy, as well as a weekly drag show in Oklahoma City that features AFAB performers. They are an advocate for LGBT safe spaces and believes that drag is for EVERYONE. Mica is the reigning Mr. Oklahoma Bold & Beautiful Newcomer 2021.

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10:00 PM | Location: University C

Killjoy's Drag Cosplay Spectacular

The Cosplay Spectacular is a revue of drag and cosplay artists from all over Oklahoma (and maybe beyond!). Join us for a fun show featuring hosts L.L.Killjoy and Mica Membrane!

Moderator: L.L.Killjoy

Panelists: L.L.Killjoy, GatorDunn, Mica Membrane, Phoenix Noire, Yakisoba Michaels

Tracks: Performing Arts, Cosplay, Music, Pop Culture & Entertainment