Michael Cross

Michael Cross is the Morning Edition host for KOSU. He is also co-creator of Red Dirt DnD, an actual-play 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons podcast with music and sound effects like a classic radio show. He has been a lifelong geek since watching Star Wars in the movie theater with his dad in 1977.

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1:00 PM | Location: Sooner A

Getting Started with DnD 5e

Starting out on the Dungeons & Dragons journey? Learn everything from character creation, the rules of the game, and some how-tos and tips for your game.

Moderator: Ash King

Panelists: Ash King, Michael Cross, Ethan Doughty, Pioneer Library System, Christina Stiles

Tracks: Gaming

1:00 PM | Location: Embassy Hotel: Crimson Meeting Room

RPG Podcasting with Red Dirt D&D Podcast

Hear from Oklahoma's own Weird West TTRPG podcasters talk about their journeys through the struggles and successes of podcasting their game, plus learn inside info about the production process and building the world of Red Dirt D&D.

Moderator: Michael Cross

Panelists: Michael Cross, Brook Bullock, Kyri Hester, Ash King, Johnnie Payne, Connor S

Tracks: Gaming, Podcasting

3:00 PM | Location: Sooner A

RPG Adventure Writing

So you've decided to write a game module? Awesome! Game writers and developers share advice on how to write adventures, compensate when players derail the plot, and provide inspirational narrative elements to help players develop characters and engage in roleplaying.

Moderator: Michael Cross

Panelists: Michael Cross, Mark Finn, Lyde Van Hoy, Jeff Provine, Seth Skorkowsky, Christina Stiles

Tracks: Writing & Publishing, Gaming

10:00 AM | Location: Sooner A

Serial Star Wars

Perhaps Star Wars was always destined for TV. In such an expansive universe of media tie-ins, why not? First The Mandalorian, then, uh, The Book of Boba Fett, then Obi-Wan Kenobi, then Andor. Are the possibilities truly endless, or will we need more feature films to sate our cravings for the onscreen stories from a galaxy far, far away?

Moderator: Tracy S. Morris

Panelists: Tracy S. Morris, Michael Cross, James Dock, Carolyn Kay, Matthew Price, Karen Thrower

Tracks: Writing & Publishing, Pop Culture & Entertainment, Film & TV, Fandoms

Noon | Location: Embassy Hotel: Crimson Meeting Room

Podcasting 102 with Red Six Podcast

Welcome to Podcasting 102. This workshop will discuss post-production editing tools for beginners to make your podcast sound like a professional recording. Join the Red Six Podcast as they use editing software to remove room noise, balance audio spikes, and more to improve the audio quality of your podcast. (1 hour. Limit 28 participants.)

Moderator: Caleb Haldane

Panelists: Caleb Haldane, Michael Cross, Nick Johnson, Stevo the Gutter Nerd

Tracks: Podcasting, Workshop

2:00 PM | Location: Sooner A

Start Your Own Podcast

You want your own podcast, but where do you start? Learn from established indie podcasters about gear, episode planning, hosting, recording, editing, and building a regular listening audience. Let's begin!

Moderator: Martha Steele

Panelists: Martha Steele, Aaron Bossig, Michael Cross, Caleb Masters, Michael Mosley, Seth Skorkowsky

Tracks: Pop Culture & Entertainment, Podcasting, Internet Life