Raiva Cosplay started in 2017 after a single build of a prototype lightsaber. 14 costumes later, many are still a work in progress. Balancing work, school, mom-life, and cosplay is challenging for her, but in the end, the smiles make it all worth it.

11:00 AM | Location: Oklahoma G

Wear Five Layers in 100 Degree Weather Without Dying

It's important to ensure your costume and prop(s) will be functional in the weather and for long-term wear during your costumed function. Making sure different fabrics are breathable or include a cooling vest, have moisture barriers, etc. can mean the difference between weathering or ruining a costume.

Moderator: Robert Mullens

Panelists: Robert Mullens, Cal Custard, James Dock, Fae Mullens, Raiva, the Lo-Fi Ky

Tracks: Costuming & Fashion, Cosplay, Maker, Health & Wellness

1:00 PM | Location: Oklahoma HIJ

Harry Potter Sorting Ceremony

"There's nothing hidden in your head The Sorting Hat can't see, So try me on and I will tell you Where you ought to be." - Sorting Hat's Song, 1991 Come first-year wizards and witches! Get sorted into your Hogwarts house by the Sorting Hat!

Moderator: Heroic Inner Kids

Panelists: Heroic Inner Kids, Fae Mullens, Robert Mullens, Raiva

Tracks: Kids, Fandoms, Cosplay

5:00 PM | Location: Oklahoma G

Create an OC Cosplay

Want to join the cosplay craze, but can't find the right character that fits your personality? Create your own original character! Pick a name, develop your story, and design your costume. The options are limitless! Panelists discuss designing an OC cosplay concept.

Moderator: The Singing Costumer

Panelists: Vanessa Green, Kekkuda, Kathleen M O'Brien, Raiva, TattedSith Cosplay

Tracks: Maker, Art, Cosplay, Costuming & Fashion

2:00 PM | Location: Oklahoma A

Kids Jedi Training

Is the Force with you? Do you have what it takes to become a Jedi? Make your own lightsaber, duel with Jedi masters, and practice your target skills. - Lightsaber Making: Kids will receive a pool-noodle lightsaber to decorate and customize. - Lightsaber Duels: Jedi Masters will teach the Padawans how to duel. - Nerf Herding: Kids will face various Star Wars characters and, get target practice with Nerf blasters.

Moderator: Heroic Inner Kids

Panelists: Heroic Inner Kids, Fae Mullens, Robert Mullens, Oklahoma Garrison of the 501st Legion, Raiva

Tracks: Kids, Maker, Fandoms