Rebecca Jackson

Rebecca is a mechanical engineer and lifelong Star Trek fan. She watched first runs of the original series in grade school, even when they started coming on at 9 p.m. She loves all things sci-fi, but was not introduced to British sci-fi until university. Then she fell in love with Doctor Who and even managed to meet her favorite Doctor at the time, Jon Pertwee, at a fan-run convention in Texas shortly after graduation. She is a longtime member of Serendipity and still attends meetings nearly every month.

Noon | Location: Oklahoma G

Science and Religion: A Zero-Sum Relationship?

Some think religious faith precludes scientific objectivity. Others feel that science has outstripped “superstitions” like religion. Still others are calling for a New Enlightenment period in an increasingly misinformed world. How does the speculative-fiction writer address all sides and tell a compelling story?

Moderator: Jan S. Gephardt

Panelists: Jan S. Gephardt, David Carrico, Charles Dane Clark, Rebecca Jackson, B J Thrower

Tracks: Writing & Publishing, Science Fiction, STEM

3:00 PM | Location: Sooner B

Biodiversity in ST: Discovery: Why It STILL Matters in Trek

How does “Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations” play out? Whales working alongside the crew? Humans with multiple lifetimes of experiences? Discuss inclusion near and far in various Star Trek properties.

Moderator: Gwenna Laithland

Panelists: Aaron Bossig, Tim Frayser, Rebecca Jackson, Ted Pennella, ET Wardwell

Tracks: Fandoms, STEM, Pop Culture & Entertainment, Film & TV