Rie Sheridan Rose

Rie Sheridan Rose’s prose appears in numerous anthologies, including Killing It Softly 1 and 2, Hides the Dark Tower, Dark Divinations, and Startling Stories. Her poetry has appeared in Speculative Poets of Texas, Vol. 1; Texas Poetry Calendar; and Illumen, to name a few. Her photographs have been in Ghostlight magazine, The Passed Note, Thoughtful Dog, and Constellations. In addition, she has authored twelve novels, and lyrics to dozens of songs. She’s a member of HWA, SFWA, and SFPA.

Noon | Location: Sooner A

The Magic of Plotting

How do you develop a novel's plot? Is it luck, trial and error, or are there classic approaches and outline techniques to bring out your best story? Learn to give your story form in the world. Bring forth your creativity to deliver a cohesive storyline and satisfying tale!

Moderator: vickey malone kennedy

Panelists: vickey malone kennedy, J.H. Fleming, Rie Sheridan Rose, James Simpson, Mario Wytch

Tracks: Writing & Publishing

3:00 PM | Location: Boomer A

Spiritualism & the Occult in Victorian Times

Victorian culture across the world had a broad and complex relationship with spiritualism and the occult. Let's discuss!

Moderator: Bekah June

Panelists: Bekah June, Tim Chessmore, Kathleen M O'Brien, Jeff Provine, Rie Sheridan Rose, Karen Thrower

Tracks: General Interest, History, Supernatural & Paranormal

5:00 PM | Location: Sooner B

Intro to the Business of Writing

Agents, books deals, rights, contracts, beta readers ... where does a new writer get started? What are common first-timer publishing pitfalls? Is your story even sellable?

Moderator: Alan J Porter

Panelists: Alan J Porter, Daniel Erickson, Brian A. Hopkins, Ethan Nahté, Rie Sheridan Rose

Tracks: Business & Marketing, Writing & Publishing

8:00 PM | Location: University AB

Performance: Bad Bards and Beyond

Enjoy the acoustic and vocal stylings of the Bad Bards during the World Peace Through Chocolate Art Show Reception.

Moderator: Melinda LaFevers

Panelists: Mel. White, Melinda LaFevers, Margaret Middleton, Rie Sheridan Rose

Tracks: Music, Performing Arts

2:00 PM | Location: Oklahoma HIJ

Pirate Sing Along with Bad Bards and Beyond

Avast ye fen, there be filking and sea shantying in the main hall! Join the gleewomen of the Bad Bards and Beyond for this jaunty hour of music and more.

Moderator: Melinda LaFevers

Panelists: Melinda LaFevers, Margaret Middleton, Rie Sheridan Rose, Mel. White

Tracks: Performing Arts, Music

3:00 PM | Location: University C

Poetry Readings & Open Mic

Two poems, or six minutes. Come share your poetry and listen to fellow poets in this open-mic forum reading session. Featuring readings from featured guest, Muriel Fahrion.

Moderator: Daniel Erickson

Panelists: Daniel Erickson, Mark Alfred, David Carrico, Muriel Fahrion, Melinda LaFevers, Rie Sheridan Rose

Tracks: Writing & Publishing

5:00 PM | Location: Oklahoma E - Con Store


One-hour signings.

Tracks: Autographs

7:00 PM | Location: Embassy Hotel: Interior Courtyard - Atrium

Literary Beers

Join panelists in the hotel lounge for lively conversation. BYO beverages, please.

Moderator: Rosemary Clement-Moore

Panelists: Rosemary Clement-Moore, Daniel Erickson, Everyday Futurist, Shai Fenwick, Mark Finn, Dara Fogel, PhD, Tyrell Gephardt, Sally Hamilton, Sheila Hartney, Carolyn Kay, Chaz Kemp, vickey malone kennedy, Melinda LaFevers, Julia S. Mandala, A. Lee Martinez, Tracy S. Morris, Michael Mosley, Ethan Nahté, Ted Pennella, Rook Riley, Rie Sheridan Rose, Seth Skorkowsky, Karen Thrower, Mel. White, Craig Wolf

Tracks: General Interest, Food & Drink, Writing & Publishing, Meetup

11:00 AM | Location: Noble

Making Your Audiobook a Reality

We discuss the production of an audiobook, from rights acquisition to casting, production, recording, proofing, and format delivery. (Limit 11 participants.)

Moderator: Julie Barrett

Panelists: Julie Barrett, Ethan Nahté, Rie Sheridan Rose

Tracks: Writing & Publishing

Noon | Location: Noble

Author Readings

Authors read selections from their various works.

Moderator: #REF!

Panelists: J.H. Fleming, Dennis McDonald, Ted Pennella, Rie Sheridan Rose

Tracks: Writing & Publishing

2:00 PM | Location: Boomer A

Small Presses and You

What's the world of small presses like? What are the advantages and disadvantages for writers looking to work with them? What's the market like, and how is it changing?

Moderator: Craig Wolf

Panelists: Craig Wolf, J.H. Fleming, Rie Sheridan Rose, Sue Sinor, B J Thrower, Steven E. Wedel

Tracks: Business & Marketing, Writing & Publishing