Sue Sinor

Susan P. Sinor (Sue) was influenced by her husband Brad to start writing. In fact, her first short story was sold (by Brad) to DAW for the anthology Rotten Relations. Since then, she has short stories and a chapbook titled Bubba Fables published by Yard Dog Press. She and Brad have a joint story collection, also published by Yard Dog Press, Of Two Minds. She has a collaborative short story in 1632’s Grantville Gazette IV. Her story “The Maiden Voyage of the Starcatcher” appears in the anthology A Celebration Of Storytelling, published by Dark Owl Publishing. She has a novel in Eric Flint’s Ring of Fire universe, The Hunt for the Red Cardinal, and she’s currently working on its sequel. The above titles are available from Amazon.

Sue also performs in the longest continually running play in the US—The Drunkard and Olio. (She’s not in the show EVERY Saturday.) In addition, she makes beaded jewelry with a close friend.

She lives in Tulsa, OK with Brad and two giant economy-sized cats named Mr. Holmes and Ms. Watson.

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7:00 PM | Location: Embassy Hotel: Interior Courtyard - Atrium

Literary Beers

Join panelists in the hotel lounge for lively conversation. BYO beverages, please.

Moderator: Julie Barrett

Panelists: Julie Barrett, La Blanke, Brook Bullock, Charles Dane Clark, Dr Paisley, Phillip Drayer Duncan, J.H. Fleming, Tim Frayser, Caleb Haldane, Nick Johnson, Bekah June, Mike Kennedy, Kimber, Dennis McDonald, Paula Helm Murray, Pigeon, Alan J Porter, James Simpson, Bradley H Sinor, Sue Sinor, A C Smart, Stevo the Gutter Nerd, ET Wardwell, Steven E. Wedel, Mario Wytch

Tracks: Meetup, Food & Drink, General Interest, Writing & Publishing

10:00 AM | Location: Sooner A

Where Do You Get Those Wonderful Ideas?

Writers describe the wildest inspirations they've had, or heard about, for a good plot or character. The best things can spring from the oddest places.

Moderator: vickey malone kennedy

Panelists: vickey malone kennedy, Tracy S. Morris, Rook Riley, Sue Sinor, A C Smart, Kim Ventrella

Tracks: Writing & Publishing

11:00 AM | Location: Oklahoma E - Back Wall Table


One-hour signings.

Tracks: Autographs

Noon | Location: Boomer B

70s Sci-Fi and Fantasy

The 70s brought lasting franchises to the big screen and small, some still going strong! Alien, Superman, Star Wars, Wonder Woman, Westworld, Battlestar Galactica, the list goes on! Can you define the 70s’ “certain something”?

Moderator: Matthew Price

Panelists: Matthew Price, Mark Alfred, James Hollaman, Ethan Nahté, Sue Sinor, ET Wardwell

Tracks: Fandoms, Comics, Fantasy, Pop Culture & Entertainment, Science Fiction

5:00 PM | Location: Noble

Author Readings

Authors read selections from their various works.

Moderator: Alan J Porter

Panelists: Alan J Porter, Jeff Provine, Bradley H Sinor, Sue Sinor

Tracks: Writing & Publishing

Noon | Location: Boomer A

Wry Wit for Writers: Humorous Fiction

Tips and techniques for writing humorous fiction. Incorporating humor is more than sarcasm, snark, and a few jokes. Timing, focus, placement, tone, motivation, plot impact and character arcs, reader's perceptions, and how much fun you're having writing – all impact the humor of a story...

Moderator: vickey malone kennedy

Panelists: vickey malone kennedy, Phillip Drayer Duncan, Jan S. Gephardt, David J. Pedersen, Sue Sinor, Mel. White

Tracks: Writing & Publishing

2:00 PM | Location: Boomer A

Small Presses and You

What's the world of small presses like? What are the advantages and disadvantages for writers looking to work with them? What's the market like, and how is it changing?

Moderator: Craig Wolf

Panelists: Craig Wolf, J.H. Fleming, Rie Sheridan Rose, Sue Sinor, B J Thrower, Steven E. Wedel

Tracks: Business & Marketing, Writing & Publishing