Ted Pennella

Ted is an Oklahoma City-based architect, writer, gamer, and pithy observer of the human condition. As an architect, he’s keenly aware of layout, design, and spatial relations, which also benefits him as a storyteller. With short stories published in various anthologies, Ted fills his copious free time with woodworking, friends, family, and endeavoring to create the perfect cheesecake.

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1:00 PM | Location: Sooner B

Cafeteria Monsters

Are classic monsters like mummies or vampires being diluted by their many fictional riffs? Or do basic archetypes provide endless springboards for variation?

Moderator: ET Wardwell

Panelists: ET Wardwell, James Hollaman, Ted Pennella, A C Smart, B J Thrower

Tracks: Writing & Publishing, Horror, Gaming, Supernatural & Paranormal, Film & TV, Pop Culture & Entertainment

5:00 PM | Location: University C

Game Show: Real or Alternative History?

Two teams of contestants decide if certain "facts" are alternate history or really happened. Audience participation encouraged!

Moderator: Phillip Drayer Duncan

Panelists: Phillip Drayer Duncan, Peri Charlifu, Dr Paisley, vickey malone kennedy, Kimber, Tracy S. Morris, Ted Pennella, Joey “Okie Space Queen” Rodman, Mel. White

Tracks: General Interest, Contest, Gaming, History

2:00 PM | Location: Sooner B

Writers Change the STEM World

Talk about “a wish to build a dream on”! From Edward Bellamy's prediction of the credit card to Clarke's projection of communications satellites, we survey how imagined tech in science fiction has influenced the world.

Moderator: Pigeon

Panelists: Pigeon, Aaron Bossig, Rhonda Eudaly, Everyday Futurist, Brian A. Hopkins, Ted Pennella

Tracks: Writing & Publishing, Science Fiction, STEM

4:00 PM | Location: Boomer B

Folk and Fantasy, Kith and Kin

Modern fantasy and urban fantasy often draw from oral and academic histories of folktales worldwide. How are these best incorporated into today's sf stories? And what's the line between appreciation and appropriation of these cultural myths in making new media mythologies?

Moderator: Rhonda Eudaly

Panelists: Rhonda Eudaly, David Carrico, Shai Fenwick, A. Lee Martinez, Ted Pennella, Steven E. Wedel

Tracks: Fantasy, History, Pop Culture & Entertainment, Supernatural & Paranormal, Writing & Publishing

7:00 PM | Location: Embassy Hotel: Interior Courtyard - Atrium

Literary Beers

Join panelists in the hotel lounge for lively conversation. BYO beverages, please.

Moderator: Rosemary Clement-Moore

Panelists: Rosemary Clement-Moore, Daniel Erickson, Everyday Futurist, Shai Fenwick, Mark Finn, Dara Fogel, PhD, Tyrell Gephardt, Sally Hamilton, Sheila Hartney, Carolyn Kay, Chaz Kemp, vickey malone kennedy, Melinda LaFevers, Julia S. Mandala, A. Lee Martinez, Tracy S. Morris, Michael Mosley, Ethan Nahté, Ted Pennella, Rook Riley, Rie Sheridan Rose, Seth Skorkowsky, Karen Thrower, Mel. White, Craig Wolf

Tracks: Food & Drink, Writing & Publishing, Meetup, General Interest

Noon | Location: Noble

Author Readings

Authors read selections from their various works.

Moderator: J.H. Fleming

Panelists: J.H. Fleming, Dennis McDonald, Ted Pennella, Rie Sheridan Rose

Tracks: Writing & Publishing

1:00 PM | Location: Boomer B

How the Little Dragon Got So Big in Art

Dragons in early art tended to be smaller than a horse. Today's dragons are mighty and massive. What caused dragon inflation? An open discussion about the size discrepancies of dragons in art.

Moderator: Ted Pennella

Panelists: Ted Pennella, David Carrico, Tim Chessmore, Teddy Harvia, W J Hodgson

Tracks: History, Art, Culture & World Affairs, Fantasy

3:00 PM | Location: Sooner B

Biodiversity in ST: Discovery: Why It STILL Matters in Trek

How does “Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations” play out? Whales working alongside the crew? Humans with multiple lifetimes of experiences? Discuss inclusion near and far in various Star Trek properties.

Moderator: Gwenna Laithland

Panelists: Aaron Bossig, Tim Frayser, Rebecca Jackson, Ted Pennella, ET Wardwell

Tracks: Fandoms, STEM, Pop Culture & Entertainment, Film & TV