W.J. Hodgson

W.J. “Bill” Hodgson began publishing articles in national magazines in the mid-70s, and added illustration for coffee-table books while still in high school. He has been drawing, painting, and writing ever since. He lives near OKC with Sherrie, a veterinarian, as well as various critters.

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4:00 PM | Location: Embassy Hotel: JQH Boardroom

Artwork in Progress: A Design and Color Workshop

SF artist and illustrator W.J. Hodgson offers an in-depth review of design and color concepts artists can use to punch up their pieces. Whether it's conveying a message with your work, making it more collectible, or you just want to get a better handle on a work-in-progress that's not quite coming together, this lecture and hands-on technique demo is for you. Sketch supplies provided, but you may also bring a small in-process 2-D piece for review. (2 hours. Limit 14 participants.)

Moderator: W J Hodgson

Panelists: W J Hodgson

Tracks: Art, Workshop

10:00 AM | Location: Boomer B

Re-Covered Books, for Charity!

Artists create new cover art for books in our charity collection. Books and their custom covers will be available for sale in the Charity Sale. (Books and cover paper provided.)

Moderator: James Hollaman

Panelists: James Hollaman, Peri Charlifu, W J Hodgson, Johnnie Johnson, Harold Neal

Tracks: Art, Fantasy, Science Fiction

10:00 PM | Location: Embassy Hotel: Crimson Meeting Room

Late Night Artists Chat Vol. 2

This is a chance for artists and fans to meet in a relaxed setting to talk all things art! Ask questions, share ideas, and socialize. (Hotel side)

Moderator: Mitzi Bartlett

Panelists: Mitzi Bartlett, Blair Bartlett - Alternate Realities Studio, Peri Charlifu, JR Daniels, Muriel Fahrion, Jan S. Gephardt, Teddy Harvia, Rubiee Tallyn Hayes, W J Hodgson, Bekah June, Mike Kennedy, Kimber, Luna Reign Cosplay, Harold Neal, Kathleen M O'Brien

Tracks: Art, General Interest, Meetup

1:00 PM | Location: Boomer B

How the Little Dragon Got So Big in Art

Dragons in early art tended to be smaller than a horse. Today's dragons are mighty and massive. What caused dragon inflation? An open discussion about the size discrepancies of dragons in art.

Moderator: Ted Pennella

Panelists: Ted Pennella, David Carrico, Tim Chessmore, Teddy Harvia, W J Hodgson

Tracks: Culture & World Affairs, Fantasy, History, Art