WandererTJ is an awarding-winning local cosplayer who works as a mechanical engineer when he’s not busy making something at home.

This designer, armor smith, and prop maker is recognized in the Halo and Power Rangers communities for his attention to detail and ability to capture and portray things accurately with his elaborate creations. Although TJ tries to raise the bar when he competes, he also values lifting others up, sharing his knowledge and techniques to help others achieve their own desired cosplay excellence.

TJ really enjoys bringing smiles and laughter to others. TJ continues to promote his values, including increasing wellness of mind and body, elevating others, giving them recognition, and having fun. TJ also finds passion in toy collecting, storytelling, videogames, nutrition, and fitness.

For TJ, cosplay is a narrative that can involve others, bringing them into a fictional world for a time, allowing them to escape whatever issues they’re facing, even if only for a moment.

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3:00 PM | Location: Embassy Hotel: Bedlam 1 Boardroom

Finishing 3D-Printed Pieces

3D print striations got you puzzled? You can use body filler, spot putty, filler primer, UV resin, acetone, and more in the finishing process to get high-quality looks and detail points in your cosplay’s printed pieces. It’s easy to forget when you’re crunching to complete your build and working at home, so we’ll cover best practices for sanding safety and more, too. Join engineer, fabricator, and cosplayer WandererTJ for this informative session for makers.

Moderator: WandererTJ

Panelists: WandererTJ

Tracks: Costuming & Fashion, STEM, Maker, Cosplay

10:30 PM | Location: Embassy Hotel: Crimson Meeting Room

Late Night Artists Chat Vol. 1

This is a chance for artists and fans to meet in a relaxed setting to talk all things art! Ask questions, share ideas, and socialize. (Hotel side)

Moderator: Crazy Red Artist

Panelists: Crazy Red Artist, Cal Custard, Brenna Deutchman, EBA Comedy, Hall of Femme, Lyde Van Hoy, Carolyn Kay, Kekkuda, Chaz Kemp, Knightmage, Lollalotus, Madi, Mimic Rae, Moe, Michael Mosley, R Karch Photography, WandererTJ, ET Wardwell, Mel. White, Scott Zrubek

Tracks: Art, General Interest, Meetup

10:00 AM | Location: Boomer B

I Will NEVER Make That Again

#neveragain: Artists, costumers, crafters and makers share ugly truths about the toughest creation they've ever made, and how it shaped their work going forward. Pics or it didn't happen!

Moderator: Kathleen M O'Brien

Panelists: Kathleen M O'Brien, Julie Barrett, Tim Chessmore, Cal Custard, Dara Fogel, PhD, WandererTJ

Tracks: Art, Cosplay, Maker, Costuming & Fashion