Yakisoba Michaels

Yakisoba Michaels is a drag queen from Long Beach California and potentially a future cosplayer. He started drag in 2015 and draws a lot of inspiration from old-school pageant drag and honestly ... memes. She owns a small business called Soba Salon where they sell press-on nails to drag queens and queens alike!

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10:00 PM | Location: University C

Killjoy's Drag Cosplay Spectacular

The Cosplay Spectacular is a revue of drag and cosplay artists from all over Oklahoma (and maybe beyond!). Join us for a fun show featuring hosts L.L.Killjoy and Mica Membrane!

Moderator: L.L.Killjoy

Panelists: L.L.Killjoy, GatorDunn, Mica Membrane, Phoenix Noire, Yakisoba Michaels

Tracks: Performing Arts, Cosplay, Music, Pop Culture & Entertainment