Caleb Haldane

Caleb Haldane is the co-host and sound engineer on the comedy nerd-culture podcast Red Six to Golden Corral. Red Six brings a comedic discussion to a variety of geek-culture topics like video games, movies, board games, comics, and (occasionally) slash fiction. By day, Caleb is a software engineer; by night, he is a connoisseur of pop/nerd culture, including Star Wars, Doctor Who, Stranger Things, Star Trek, and the like. He also enjoys tinkering with Arduino, IoT, and home automation.

Noon | Location: Sooner A

Retro Anime

Come along with us for a walk down anime memory lane with clips ranging from 1970 to 2000. We take a look at the evolution of anime's "golden era" over time, how styles have changed, and how the culture and world at the time influenced our favorite media. Embrace your inner nostalgia and bring questions you're dying to have answered about the early years of anime!

Moderator: Caleb Haldane

Panelists: Caleb Haldane, Evan T. Wardwell, Clinton Girkin, Red Bard, Chaz Kemp

Tracks: Anime, Pop Culture & Entertainment, Film & TV

09:00 PM | Location: Boomer A 18+

AITA: Fantasy Character Edition

Panelists share an AITA-style story from the perspective of a famous fantasy character. Audience members guess which character the story is about and decide whether they're deemed an A-hole or not. Grab your thinking caps and get ready to play a game filled with plenty of laughs. (18+ Adult evening programming.)

Moderator: Amber Hanneken

Panelists: Matt Cavanaugh, Caleb Haldane, Amber Hanneken, Sally Hamilton, Lollalotus

Tracks: Fantasy, Writing & Publishing, Pop Culture & Entertainment, Contest, General Interest

11:00 AM | Location: Sooner A

Stop Calling Everything "AI"

Our panelists knock Artificial Intelligence from its buzzword throne. Lights that automatically turn on when it is dark, AI! Actually that's just a basic photoelectric sensor. Dryers that stop when clothes are dry, AI! Basic moisture sensor. So what then is AI, and how did it become the way to describe Life, the Universe, and Everything?

Moderator: Caleb Haldane

Panelists: Jeff Provine, Daniel Erickson, Caleb Haldane, David Rike, Tim Chessmore

Tracks: STEM, Culture & World Affairs

02:00 PM | Location: University B

Kaiju Reign Supreme

With Godzilla Minus One and Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire on the big screen and Monarch: Legacy of Monsters on the small screen, our favorite giant lizard has never been more accessible and popular. We discuss what made kaiju worth our admiration.

Moderator: Mark Finn

Panelists: A. Lee Martinez, La Blanke, Caleb Haldane, Dawn Frost Cosplay, Mark Finn

Tracks: Film & TV, Pop Culture & Entertainment, Science Fiction