DM Dave

02:00 PM | Location: Sooner A

RPG & Board Game Design

Do you have an idea for a game you'd like to make, or even a prototype? We'll cover basic design elements, game structure, and what has led to success for games in the past, as well as the business side of licensing, publishing, and marketing!

Moderator: Lisa Smedman

Panelists: Lisa Smedman, Jeff Provine, DM Dave, Mark Finn

Tracks: Gaming, Business & Marketing, General Interest

04:00 PM | Location: Embassy Hotel: Crimson Meeting Room

The Guide to Becoming a Better DM

Join DMDave as he guides Dungeon Masters, old and new, in the techniques of storytelling, world-building, and improvisation needed to create unforgettable adventures for your players. (1 hour. Limit 28 Participants. $15 fee)

Moderator: DM Dave

Panelists: DM Dave

Tracks: Gaming, Fantasy, General Interest, Workshop