Jessica Kenney

Jessica Kenney has been navigating the skies as an Air Traffic Controller since 2023, playing a pivotal role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of thousands of flights across the US. Her sharp focus and critical decision-making skills carry over into her favorite hobbies as well. Outside the control tower, Jessica embraces her inner nerd with enthusiasm and creativity. She is an avid Dungeons & Dragons player, often taking on the role of Dungeon Master to craft epic adventures for her friends. Miniature painting is her artistic outlet, meticulously bringing to life characters and landscapes from her favorite games and books. Jessica's passion for gaming extends to both board games and video games, where she enjoys exploring new worlds and challenging gameplay. Whether it's roaming the varied landscapes in Teyvat or running for her life in The Lands Between, she thrives on the thrill of discovery. Her bookshelf is a testament to her love for fantasy, with a wide array of books from Tolkien, McCaffrey, GRRM, R.A Salvatore, Brandon Sanderson, and more.

02:00 PM | Location: Oklahoma HIJ presented by Fowler Automotive

Toss A Coin to Your Witcher: Q&A with Doug Cockle

Discover Doug's approach to voice acting and how he tackles diverse characters in today's video-gaming industry. Learn about his extensive career and ask your questions during a live audience Q&A!

Moderator: Jessica Kenney

Panelists: Jessica Kenney, Doug Cockle

Tracks: Pop Culture & Entertainment, Gaming, Anime

10:00 PM | Location: Boomer B 18+

Baldur's Gate 3: The Best Dating Sim?

We came for the D&D lore, we stayed for the romance. Who's the best thirst trap and why is it Astarion? (18+ Adult evening programming.)

Moderator: Jessica Kenney

Panelists: Shay Griffith, Sentinelbait, Jessica Kenney

Tracks: Gaming, Fantasy, Pop Culture & Entertainment, General Interest