Johnnie Johnson

Johnnie Johnson is an illustrator and creator who got started in the comic business in 1992. Johnnie has done work for indie publishers Omega 7, Antarctic Press, Halloween Head Comics, and Equinox Comics. Johnnie continues to work with Oklahoma's own Equinox Comics, teaming up with writer Tommy Brownell for The Chronicles of Rachel Strand series. Johnnie loves attending comic cons & pop culture events, taking on numerous art commissions, and encouraging up-and-coming young artists and creators. The growth of comics and pop culture continues to be his inspiration.

05:00 PM | Location: Sooner A

Mad-Lib Art

Many artists – one topic – crazy results! See a Vulcan riding a seahorse in Atlantis OR a frog tossing pizza dough! Artists will be given a subject, an action, and a setting. The audience will vote which three suggestions to use, followed by a quick-draw by each artist! (Supplies provided)

Moderator: Liz Campbell

Panelists: Liz Campbell, Jerry Bennett, Johnnie Johnson, Terry Southard

Tracks: Art, Comics, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Pop Culture & Entertainment

Noon | Location: Sooner A

Yoda, the Space Wizard: High Fantasy in the World of Star Wars

Even though it's set in space, Star Wars has its share of knights, damsels, magic, and monsters. Join us in a discussion about the fantasy elements of Star Wars.

Moderator: Phillip Drayer Duncan

Panelists: Carolyn Kay, Phillip Drayer Duncan, Mrs. Babb, Johnnie Johnson, Ted Pennella

Tracks: Film & TV, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Pop Culture & Entertainment, Writing & Publishing

09:00 PM | Location: Embassy Hotel: Crimson Meeting Room

Cartoonist Jam

Suggest an idea for our panel of cartoonists and watch them draw live!

Moderator: Teddy Harvia

Panelists: Mike Kennedy, Teddy Harvia, Jerry Bennett, Johnnie Johnson, Eric Osborn/JEO Creations

Tracks: Art, Performing Arts