Lollalotus is an award-winning Cosplayer and Twitch Affiliate. She has presented panels in Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, and Kansas on topics from cosplay to gaming and everything in between. Lolla has been doing ExtraLife, a 24-hour charity stream benefiting the Children’s Miracle Network, for 8 years and is active in cosplay charity events. She enjoys content creation in all forms and can be seen on Twitch, Instagram, and TikTok.

01:00 PM | Location: Sooner A

Vault-Tec Welcomes You to the Future

Videogame adaptations for TV aren't new, but none capture our apocalyptic dreams like Fallout. The series is more accessible than ever. We love to leave our safe lives in the Vault and seek adventure in the wasteland.

Moderator: Phillip Drayer Duncan

Panelists: Phillip Drayer Duncan, Vivian Sloan, Lollalotus, Sean Hinckley

Tracks: Film & TV, Gaming, Pop Culture & Entertainment

04:00 PM | Location: Sooner A

Defeating the Burnout Monster

We all have passions. But sometimes adding what you want to do to what you have to do can be too stressful. What's the key to finding peace in hobbies, projects and work/life balance? This panel discusses various methods of organizing your time, knowing the warning signs of burnout, and letting go of overload.

Moderator: Crystal Sully

Panelists: Tommy B. Smith, Lollalotus, Crystal Sully, Brenna Deutchman

Tracks: Health & Wellness, Business & Marketing

09:00 PM | Location: Boomer A 18+

AITA: Fantasy Character Edition

Panelists share an AITA-style story from the perspective of a famous fantasy character. Audience members guess which character the story is about and decide whether they're deemed an A-hole or not. Grab your thinking caps and get ready to play a game filled with plenty of laughs. (18+ Adult evening programming.)

Moderator: Amber Hanneken

Panelists: Matt Cavanaugh, Caleb Haldane, Amber Hanneken, Sally Hamilton, Lollalotus

Tracks: Fantasy, Writing & Publishing, Pop Culture & Entertainment, Contest, General Interest

10:00 AM | Location: Boomer A

They're a 10, But ...

How charming are the characters we know and love when their flaws are laid bare and they're only identifiable by their red flags? Can we really tell the differences between the heroes and their villains?

Moderator: Shay Griffith

Panelists: Shay Griffith, David Rike, C.C. Caldwell, Laura J. Underwood, Lollalotus

Tracks: Writing & Publishing, Film & TV, Pop Culture & Entertainment, General Interest

01:00 PM | Location: Oklahoma G

Cutthroat Iron Cosplay

The showdown returns! Four cosplayers have 30 minutes to quick-construct the best costume with the provided materials. Basic cosplay materials are provided along with some not-so-basic options to use, as well as a secret theme and required materials. The audience is the judge of this creative contest. May the best cosplay win! (Supplies provided)

Moderator: Buck Berlin

Panelists: Miss OoLaLa, Alice-of-Hearts, Divine Creations Cosplay - Marlie, Buck Berlin, Lollalotus, Divine Creations Cosplay - Allison

Tracks: Cosplay, Costuming & Fashion, Gaming, Maker, Art, Pop Culture & Entertainment