the Lo-Fi Ky

An award-winning cosplayer, Ky got into the hobby in 2017 after moving to Oklahoma from Alaska. She has hosted panels and judged cosplay contests at events across the state of Oklahoma. Believing craftsmanship to be key, Ky has experience in sewing (both hand and machine), hand embroidery, resin casting, 3-D printing (plastic and resin), foam work, make up, painting, weathering, and detailing. When she’s not working on cosplay, she can be found glued to her computer writing, creating digital art, or working in CSS and HTML/DOHTML coding. An avid gamer, Ky enjoys playing on the PC, the PS5, or the Nintendo Switch, predominantly playing games with a solid storyline—most recently Dying Light 2 and Unpacking. She reads on occasion and really likes snuggling her cat, Onix.

Noon | Location: University C

How Many Hats Can I Wear in a Day's Work?

Time management can be the key to finding peace in hobbies, projects, and your work/life balance. This panel discusses various methods of organizing your time, knowing the warning signs of burnout, and learning how not to fade away.

Moderator: Rosemary Clement-Moore

Panelists: Rosemary Clement-Moore, JR Daniels, Muriel Fahrion, Bekah June, the Lo-Fi Ky

Tracks: General Interest, Business & Marketing, Health & Wellness

4:00 PM | Location: Oklahoma A2

Cosplay for Kids

Cosplayers share how to get started in cosplay for our youth-aged cosplay fans!

Moderator: R Karch Photography

Panelists: R Karch Photography, Jovial Juggernaut, Lollalotus, the Lo-Fi Ky

Tracks: Cosplay, Kids

10:00 AM | Location: Sooner B

3D Printing Tech Today

How close we are to replicators! 3D printing is bleeding-edge tech. Experienced printers talk tech about 3D-printing technologies for general consumers. What's out there now, and what's on the immediate horizon?

Moderator: Everyday Futurist

Panelists: Everyday Futurist, Tim Chessmore, RedDirt3D, the Lo-Fi Ky

Tracks: General Interest, Maker, STEM

11:00 AM | Location: Oklahoma G

Wear Five Layers in 100 Degree Weather Without Dying

It's important to ensure your costume and prop(s) will be functional in the weather and for long-term wear during your costumed function. Making sure different fabrics are breathable or include a cooling vest, have moisture barriers, etc. can mean the difference between weathering or ruining a costume.

Moderator: Robert Mullens

Panelists: Robert Mullens, Cal Custard, James Dock, Fae Mullens, Raiva, the Lo-Fi Ky

Tracks: Costuming & Fashion, Cosplay, Maker, Health & Wellness

10:00 AM | Location: Oklahoma G


What are the social and mental-health benefits of cosplay? We discuss the psychology behind character development and various sociological elements of cosplay, emphasizing why we choose to be someone or something else.

Moderator: Knightmage

Panelists: Knightmage, Aoi Kitsu, Lauren Howard (Stellae Cosplay), Rynaga, TattedSith Cosplay, the Lo-Fi Ky

Tracks: Cosplay, Costuming & Fashion

11:00 AM | Location: Sooner A

Grab Your Tea & Slippers: Why Cozy Video Games Are Taking Over

Let’s get comfy and discuss why cozy, wholesome games are an upcoming force in the industry, share examples of our favorites, and discuss why we shouldn't hide the fact that we want kinder, gentler titles to enjoy!

Moderator: Michael Mosley

Panelists: Michael Mosley, J.H. Fleming, Lollalotus, James Simpson, Stevo the Gutter Nerd, the Lo-Fi Ky

Tracks: Gaming, Culture & World Affairs

1:00 PM | Location: University C

Cutthroat Iron Cosplay

Four cosplayers have 30 minutes to quick-construct the best costume using provided materials. A theme or required material is included, and basic cosplay materials are provided along with some not-so basic options to use. The audience is the judge of this creative contest. May the best cosplay win!

Moderator: Buck Berlin

Panelists: Buck Berlin, Chaotic Neutral Cosplay, Cal Custard, Lollalotus, the Lo-Fi Ky

Tracks: Pop Culture & Entertainment, Contest, Costuming & Fashion, Art, Anime, Cosplay, Maker, Gaming