Featured Guest

John Eads

(A.K.A. Jim Shorts)

Jim Shorts Cosplay Skull

Jim Shorts has been in the entertainment industry for over 20 years and counting! His abilities on stage as a singer, emcee, actor, and cosplayer have earned him numerous accolades and awards, including multiple first place awards at SoonerCon; Best in Sci-Fi Media and the highly coveted “WTF?!?” Award. Mr. Shorts (from this point on we can all call him Jim) has performed on stage well over 1,000 times for audiences ranging from our very own SoonerCon to the Civic Center to hundreds of U.S. government and military officials and more.

With a degree in Vocal Performance and background in Theater, Jim’s abilities to entertain crowds has amplified in recent years due to his involvement in the Oklahoma cosplay community as well as both worldwide and local volunteer organizations. From Solo to Mandalorian to Stormtrooper, he is also active with the all-volunteer forces of Jedi OKC and the 501st Legion, which serve to bring joy and raise funds for many organizations in need both near and far. Jim now sets his targeting system on SoonerCon 30 and looks forward to providing the best “Ooo’s, Ahh’s & Haha’s” in the galaxy!

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