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Discussion panel at SoonerCon 29

Now accepting your Soonercon convention ideas!

Share ideas for panels, workshops, and other convention activities by submitting the form below. Your suggestions are appreciated and help us create an educational, entertaining, and diverse fandom experience.

Submission Guidelines

  • One idea at a time, please. Feel free to submit as many suggestions as you like by completing one form per suggestion.
  • Details help. A lot. Try to provide us with enough info on the form to get a general concept of what it would take to make this super fun thing happen.
  • Try to keep your description at one to four short sentences. With over 100 hours of scheduling to do for the con weekend, we have to make as much room as possible in our text information spaces.
  • Think about time. Soonercon panels are scheduled as 45-minute blocks. Workshops, performances, screenings, games, meetups, and other special activities may be scheduled in longer time blocks.
  • Consider using keywords in your suggestion’s description. This helps us tag the various ways your idea is related to other program content in our databases.
  • Don’t be afraid to express a new thing we’ve not tried before. Your imagination is a wonder and your creativity offers a unique perspective that gives Soonercon’s program life and dimension.
  • Keep it clean. No harsh expletives.
  • Be inclusive. We have zero tolerance for hate speech, cultural appropriation, racial epithets, or other derogatory expressions.
  • Fact checking is a fun and important part of our editorial process for all Soonercon content, and we always love seeing people give credit to others’ work(s) they reference. FYI.
  • Generally, we are seeking all-ages content (G to PG-13 rating). We accept suggestions for children’s programming (0-12 years), all-ages, as well as 18+ content (M/R rating). For any adult-only content, all participants must show valid government-issued identification showing they are at least 18 years of age at the time of the scheduled activity.
  • To submit a list of suggestions via email, please prepare a .CSV file to attach with the following column headers and applicable content: Topic; Full Description; Length (Hr/Min.); Required Resources; Room Setup Style; Intended Audience Age; Suggested facilitator/panelists; Notes and Special Considerations
  • If you want to be more involved in helping us create Soonercon’s programming or in other production planning areas, visit our volunteer page to see open committee positions! Team Programming ALWAYS has room for more.
Discussion panel at SoonerCon 29
Podcasting workshop at SoonerCon 29
Nerf War
Nerf War

Examples of Soonercon scheduled programming suggestions:

Discussion Panel Examples:

What Went Wrong? Tropes, Clichés, & Stereotypes

It happens every new TV season. A show sounds really great, until it hits the air. It happens with movies as well, the trailers look great but the movie just doesn’t deliver. What happened? We’ll dissect a few examples to see if we can find out.

In Defense of Difficult Women

Maleficent, Elphaba, Ursula, and other witchy women who won’t stay where we put them. Panelists dissect the characterizations of complex women in SF storytelling, how they are written well or written poorly. How do these characterizations of women compare to real-life portrayals of women in media?

Workshop/Classroom Activity Examples:

Superhero Creation Class

Learn quick-drawing techniques for sketching superheroes with Okie Comics Magazine’s publisher and Equinox Comics artists. Kid-friendly.

How Heavy is That Sword, Anyway?

Hands-on sword experience for the historical/medieval fantasy writer.

Want to know more about what goes into being a programming participant at Soonercon? Check out the Programming Participant FAQ.

We are reworking our suggestion form for Soonercon 32! Please stay tuned. Thank you for your interest and support!