Costume Contests

Costuming Hall of Fame

Cosplay Fashion Show

Cocktails & Cotton Tails

Costuming and Cosplay at Soonercon

Put on your fluffiest ears, shiniest cogs, longest trains, and biggest boots for Oklahoma’s beloved costuming convention. Soonercon offers a wide variety of activities for cosplayers, fabricators and costumers of varying skill levels. This is your chance to show off your latest creations and learn new techniques.

Cosplay Activities Include:

Cosplay Fashion Show 

Cocktails & Cotton Tails (18+ socialite party featuring bunny suits and smoking jackets)

Costume Contest — Saturday

Children’s Costume Contest — Sunday

All-ages Dance — Friday night

Costuming and Fabrication Workshops

Star Wars Parade

Group Meetups

Photo Backdrops

Photography Opportunities — with voice actors and other content creators