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Workshops at Soonercon are hands-on, interactive, and demonstrative courses with actionable takeaways. Learn a new skill, create a masterpiece, or get tips and tricks to grow your hobby. We bring in the experts to share their craft!

Due to limited space and material costs, workshops may have a nominal registration fee. You must register for workshops on Leap Conventions before the workshop start time and pick up your ticket at Soonercon Registration.

⚠️ A Soonercon membership is required to attend any workshop.

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  • The Art of Paper: Beginner’s Journey into Quilling
  • Enchanted Crowns: Fantasy Tiara Creation
  • Wings of Elegance: Earring Crafting
  • Mastering the Mind: D&D Puzzle Creation
  • From Imagination to Illustration: How to Sketch Creatures
  • Mini Painting – Shading Shapes: The Effects of Lighting
  • Mini Painting – Kitbashing: Crafting New Worlds From Old Parts
  • Makeup Techniques for Beginners
  • Mini Painting – Show Me Some Skin: Nude Miniature Painting (18 & Up)
  • From Concept to Creation: Mastering the Storyboard Process for Content Creators
  • TFCU Presents: Starting Your Own Side Hustle
  • Upcycled Art: Craft a D&D Beholder!
  • Mini Painting – Oils and Enamels


  • Fantasy Forge: Clay Sculpting and Painting (Saturday & Sunday)
  • Mini Painting – Intro to Mini Painting With eBay Miniature Rescues!
  • Mini Painting – Brush Mastery: Intricate Freehand Design
  • Mini Painting – Rust and Ruin: Miniature Weathering Techniques
  • Mini Painting – Fast Forward Your Army: A Guide to Speed Painting
  • Bag of Holding for Adventurers
  • Ink and Intricacy: Henna Tattoo Creation
  • A Cartographer’s Guide To Fantasy Mapmaking
  • The Guide to Becoming a Better DM
  • Foam 101
  • Yes Please, No Thank You, F*ck It: Cross Stitching 101
  • SciFiKu Poetry Workshop


  • Basic Crocheting
  • Mini Painting – Intro to Mini Painting With eBay Miniature Rescues!
  • Mini Painting – Creative Foundations: Miniature Basing Techniques
  • Mini Painting – Chibi Faces! Paint Karlach from Baldur’s Gate 3
  • Makeup Techniques for Beginners
  • Cutting Edge: The Art of Short Form Video Editing
  • Build-a-Bracer-Workshop