Costuming & Fashion

Noon | Location: Embassy Hotel: Bedlam 2 Boardroom

Build a Dress Form

Use t-shirts, duct tape, and stuffing to build a dress form just for you! BYO old t-shirt you're comfortable transforming into this item. (2 hours. Limit 14 participants. $20 fee.)

Moderator: Lollalotus

Panelists: Lollalotus, Lauren Howard (Stellae Cosplay)

Tracks: Maker, Costuming & Fashion, Cosplay, Workshop

2:00 PM | Location: Boomer B

But Is It Art? (It Is—Deal with it.)

So you're like, into cosplay? No, you're a costume department of one. You're a sewist, a painter, a sculptor, a performer, and so much more. Join in a discussion about cosplay as an art form, and its ever-evolving standards.

Moderator: Hall of Femme

Panelists: Hall of Femme, Alice-of-Hearts, Jovial Juggernaut, Mimic Rae, Moe

Tracks: Art, Costuming & Fashion, Maker, Performing Arts, Cosplay

2:00 PM | Location: Oklahoma G

Cosplaying On a Budget with Knightmage

Award-winning creator of over 270 cosplays, Knightmage shares super-saver tips on how to cosplay when you don't have a ton of money in the bank, but you've got a TON of ideas and style.

Moderator: Knightmage

Panelists: Knightmage

Tracks: Cosplay, Maker, Costuming & Fashion

3:00 PM | Location: Embassy Hotel: Bedlam 1 Boardroom

Finishing 3D-Printed Pieces

3D print striations got you puzzled? You can use body filler, spot putty, filler primer, UV resin, acetone, and more in the finishing process to get high-quality looks and detail points in your cosplay’s printed pieces. It’s easy to forget when you’re crunching to complete your build and working at home, so we’ll cover best practices for sanding safety and more, too. Join engineer, fabricator, and cosplayer WandererTJ for this informative session for makers.

Moderator: WandererTJ

Panelists: WandererTJ

Tracks: Costuming & Fashion, STEM, Maker, Cosplay

3:00 PM | Location: Oklahoma G

Genderbending for Cosplay

Genderbending, or genderswapping your favorite character adds a new layer of creativity to your cosplay! Learn how to take your unique design from concept to reality, and discuss the benefits of taking creative license with your costumes.

Moderator: Beku.Cos

Panelists: Beku.Cos, Remy Domino

Tracks: Costuming & Fashion, Cosplay

7:00 PM | Location: Hotel Suite (look for location on the signage boards)

Historical Fashion Exhibit

SoonerCon attendees are invited to join costumer and historic-clothing collector Ms. Kathleen M O'Brien in her parlor for a viewing of antique and vintage garments. Questions welcome! (2 hours, come-and-go viewings.)

Moderator: Kathleen M O'Brien

Panelists: Kathleen M O'Brien

Tracks: Costuming & Fashion, History, General Interest

4:00 PM | Location: Oklahoma G

So You Want to Enter a Costume Contest?

Tips for everything costume contests—preparing your application; brainstorming your ideas; how prejudging works; and what the awards are. Plus, how to deal with stage fright while upping your stage presence to enjoy your time in the spotlight as an awesome creative.

Moderator: Knightmage

Panelists: Buck Berlin, Carousel Costumes, Cal Custard, Kekkuda, Knightmage

Tracks: Costuming & Fashion, General Interest, Cosplay

Noon | Location: Oklahoma G

Your Origin Story: Beginning Cosplay

Whether it be handmade, store-bought, or some combination of the two, panelists discuss getting started cosplaying. Everyone starts somewhere!

Moderator: Hall of Femme

Panelists: Hall of Femme, Mimic Rae, Rynaga

Tracks: Cosplay, Costuming & Fashion

10:00 AM | Location: Oklahoma G

Catastrophic Cosplay

Sometimes a seam pops, sometimes a design is too ambitious, sometimes bad deals are made or things get really...weird. We'll cover it all! Cosplayers happily discuss their favorite disastrous cosplay experiences, and how this helped them improve.

Moderator: Court's Cosplay

Panelists: Alice-of-Hearts, Aoi Kitsu, Carousel Costumes, Jovial Juggernaut

Tracks: Costuming & Fashion, Maker, Cosplay

4:00 PM | Location: Oklahoma G

Cosplay for Fun or Cosplay FTW

Each cosplayer has their own reason(s). From scene-accurate builds, OCs, or first-time store-bought and found constructions, cosplay is art for everyone. Come learn the differences, share your own, maybe even learn something new!

Moderator: Mimic Rae

Panelists: Mimic Rae, Chaotic Neutral Cosplay, John Eads, Luna Reign Cosplay, Tall Chick Cosplay

Tracks: Art, Costuming & Fashion, Maker, Cosplay

8:00 PM | Location: Oklahoma HIJ

Costume Contest

SoonerCon's 30th annual Masquerade Costume Contest! Sponsored by Bernina OKC, TNT Cosplay Supply, OKC Fabric Market, and One Stop Anime.

Moderator: John Eads

Panelists: John Eads, Beku.Cos, Kekkuda, Knightmage, Remy Domino

Tracks: Maker, Costuming & Fashion, Art, Performing Arts, Cosplay

10:00 AM | Location: Embassy Hotel: JQH Boardroom

Costume Contest Prejudging Sessions

All interested costume-contest contestants must attend their assigned prejudging session in full costume. Questions? Find the Costuming Info table near Con HQ/Registration. (3 hours; various timeslots assigned by SoonerCon's costuming staff.)

Moderator: Beku.Cos

Panelists: Beku.Cos, Kekkuda, Knightmage, Remy Domino

Tracks: Maker, Cosplay, Contest, Costuming & Fashion, Performing Arts

5:00 PM | Location: Oklahoma G

Create an OC Cosplay

Want to join the cosplay craze, but can't find the right character that fits your personality? Create your own original character! Pick a name, develop your story, and design your costume. The options are limitless! Panelists discuss designing an OC cosplay concept.

Moderator: The Singing Costumer

Panelists: Vanessa Green, Kekkuda, Kathleen M O'Brien, Raiva, TattedSith Cosplay

Tracks: Art, Cosplay, Costuming & Fashion, Maker

3:00 PM | Location: Sooner B

Fursuiting 101

A crash course in everything fursuiting related! From building the suit, suiting up for the first time, and how to move and perform in your suit! This panel is an all-ages panel focused on fursuit performing and fursuit building.

Moderator: Cal Custard

Panelists: Cal Custard, Kekkuda, Moe

Tracks: Anime, Pop Culture & Entertainment, Costuming & Fashion, Maker, Cosplay

Noon | Location: Hotel Suite (look for location on the signage boards)

Historical Fashion Exhibit

SoonerCon attendees are invited to join costumer and historic-clothing collector Ms. Kathleen M O'Brien in her parlor for a viewing of antique and vintage garments. Questions welcome! (3 hours, come-and-go viewings.)

Moderator: Kathleen M O'Brien

Panelists: Kathleen M O'Brien

Tracks: History, Costuming & Fashion, General Interest

1:00 PM | Location: Embassy Hotel: Bedlam 2 Boardroom

Light Up Your Costumes: A Gemma Wearable Processor How-To

This introductory workshop will teach you the basics of CircuitPython using a Gemma M0 processor. The Gemma has an onboard DotStar LED, so no soldering will be necessary. We’ll even build a basic prop for you to show off! We will have appropriate software for PC and Mac laptops. If your computer doesn’t use either operating system, then a text editor will work. There’s just an extra step you need to take, and we’ll show you what to do. (If you’ve used Python before, you may have Mu or EMACS on your laptop. If so, you’re good to go!) (2 hours. Limit 12 participants. $15 fee.)

Moderator: Julie Barrett

Panelists: Julie Barrett

Tracks: Cosplay, Maker, STEM, Costuming & Fashion, Workshop

11:00 AM | Location: Oklahoma G

Wear Five Layers in 100 Degree Weather Without Dying

It's important to ensure your costume and prop(s) will be functional in the weather and for long-term wear during your costumed function. Making sure different fabrics are breathable or include a cooling vest, have moisture barriers, etc. can mean the difference between weathering or ruining a costume.

Moderator: Robert Mullens

Panelists: Robert Mullens, Cal Custard, James Dock, Fae Mullens, Raiva, the Lo-Fi Ky

Tracks: Cosplay, Maker, Health & Wellness, Costuming & Fashion

2:00 PM | Location: Oklahoma G


Planning for Cosplayers! Make your next cosplay endeavor a surefire success with a quick course on Cosplay Planning. We'll go over setting your budget, managing your time, picking your materials, and more.

Moderator: Remy Domino

Panelists: Remy Domino, Beku.Cos

Tracks: Costuming & Fashion, Cosplay

3:00 PM | Location: Oklahoma G

Costuming and Cosplay for Body Positivity

As the saying goes, if you want a Slave Leia bikini body, just put on a Slave Leia bikini. Cosplay is not fashion gatekeeping. Panelists share their experiences and tips for maintaining body positivity. Let's talk about body positivity and why it matters for creativity and wellness in cosplay.

Moderator: R Karch Photography

Panelists: R Karch Photography, Carousel Costumes, Sherri Dean, Knightmage, Kathleen M O'Brien

Tracks: Cosplay, Health & Wellness, Costuming & Fashion

1:00 PM | Location: University C

Cutthroat Iron Cosplay

Four cosplayers have 30 minutes to quick-construct the best costume using provided materials. A theme or required material is included, and basic cosplay materials are provided along with some not-so basic options to use. The audience is the judge of this creative contest. May the best cosplay win!

Moderator: Buck Berlin

Panelists: Buck Berlin, Chaotic Neutral Cosplay, Cal Custard, Lollalotus, the Lo-Fi Ky

Tracks: Gaming, Pop Culture & Entertainment, Contest, Costuming & Fashion, Art, Anime, Cosplay, Maker

1:00 PM | Location: Oklahoma G

Final Touches and Details

Little touches can make a costume. There's a lot more than your garment when it comes to finishing your cosplay, but you can do it! Shoes, wigs, make-up, props—come learn to embellish your favorite costume for a fully polished LOOK.

Moderator: Carousel Costumes

Panelists: Carousel Costumes, Kekkuda, Mimic Rae, Kathleen M O'Brien, TattedSith Cosplay

Tracks: Cosplay, Costuming & Fashion, Maker

10:00 AM | Location: Boomer B

I Will NEVER Make That Again

#neveragain: Artists, costumers, crafters and makers share ugly truths about the toughest creation they've ever made, and how it shaped their work going forward. Pics or it didn't happen!

Moderator: Kathleen M O'Brien

Panelists: Kathleen M O'Brien, Julie Barrett, Tim Chessmore, Cal Custard, Dara Fogel, PhD, WandererTJ

Tracks: Art, Cosplay, Maker, Costuming & Fashion

11:00 AM | Location: Oklahoma HIJ

Kids Costume Contest

SoonerCon's annual Kids Costume Contest on the main stage (ages 5-12), featuring costumes imagined and made by younglings. Participants can pre-register online or onsite Friday and Saturday during registration hours at the Costuming Info Table. Sign-ups are first come, first served with a cap of 30 participants. Prizes sponsored by Bernina of OKC.

Moderator: John Eads

Panelists: John Eads, Aoi Kitsu, Heroic Inner Kids, Kekkuda, Knightmage, Leslie Raymond

Tracks: Contest, Cosplay, Costuming & Fashion, Kids, Maker

10:00 AM | Location: Oklahoma G


What are the social and mental-health benefits of cosplay? We discuss the psychology behind character development and various sociological elements of cosplay, emphasizing why we choose to be someone or something else.

Moderator: Knightmage

Panelists: Knightmage, Aoi Kitsu, Lauren Howard (Stellae Cosplay), Rynaga, TattedSith Cosplay, the Lo-Fi Ky

Tracks: Costuming & Fashion, Cosplay