Internet Life

3:00 PM | Location: Boomer B

Teaching a Robot to Be Kind: The Ethics of Autonomous Systems in Fiction and IRL

Autonomous systems are great at hard-coded inputs and pretty good at keeping the show on the road without a lot of oversight. As these systems begin to manage whole aspects of our society, how do we teach them to be ethical, despite our own less-than-perfect nature?

Moderator: Mel White

Panelists: Dara Fogel, PhD, Loretta McKibben, Mel White, Pigeon, Tim Frayser, William Ledbetter

Tracks: Culture & World Affairs, Science Fiction, STEM, Internet Life

5:00 PM | Location: Embassy Hotel: Interior Courtyard - Atrium

Welcome to Larry's Trekland Briefing Party!

Meetup for curious Trek fans to sample Trekland Treks location day tours AND Portal 47, the exclusive global live/online monthly package from featured guest Larry “Dr. Trek” Nemecek. With door prizes, snacks, gifts, and current Portales too!

Moderator: Larry Nemecek

Panelists: Kevin Dilmore, Larry Nemecek

Tracks: Pop Culture & Entertainment, Meetup, Film & TV, Internet Life

Noon | Location: Sooner A

The Antidote to Toxic Fandom

Toxic fandom hasn't gone away. In fact, it seems to be getting worse, even seeing death threats if fans aren't fed what they want, when they want, the way they want. What can be done about this problem, and what is your personal role in the solution?

Moderator: Aaron Bossig

Panelists: Aaron Bossig, Chaotic Neutral Cosplay, John Eads/Jim Shorts, Mark Finn, Rook Riley

Tracks: Pop Culture & Entertainment, Culture & World Affairs, Internet Life

2:00 PM | Location: Embassy Hotel: JQH Boardroom presented by Morningstar Storage

Video Editing Tips and Tricks for Online Content Creation

Tired of jump cuts? Need some rendering or color correcting advice, and still on a deadline to get this next vid uploaded? This panel is for you. Get some hot takes from the Lo-Fi Ky about finishing up short and long form videos for ease of posting and maintaining your channel's episode cadence.

Moderator: the Lo-Fi Ky

Panelists: the Lo-Fi Ky

Tracks: Content Creation & Podcasting, Internet Life, Workshop