Supernatural & Paranormal

1:00 PM | Location: Sooner B

Cafeteria Monsters

Are classic monsters like mummies or vampires being diluted by their many fictional riffs? Or do basic archetypes provide endless springboards for variation?

Moderator: ET Wardwell

Panelists: ET Wardwell, James Hollaman, Ted Pennella, A C Smart, B J Thrower

Tracks: Film & TV, Pop Culture & Entertainment, Writing & Publishing, Horror, Gaming, Supernatural & Paranormal

9:00 PM | Location: Embassy Hotel: Crimson Meeting Room

Ghoul Intentions Live: Podcast Recording with Jamie Marchi & J. Michael Tatum

Join Jamie and Michael for a super spooky and sassy LIVE recording session of their Ghoul Intentions podcast. Episodes available at .

Moderator: Jamie Marchi

Panelists: Jamie Marchi, J. Michael Tatum

Tracks: Horror, Podcasting, Supernatural & Paranormal

Noon | Location: Boomer B

How to Design a New Creature

Designing vampires, werewolves, and other mythological creatures. Which parts should be incorporated into our own renderings and artworks? What new traits can be added, while still making them recognizable? How do we avoid derivative or stale monsters? Let’s make monsters terrifying again!

Moderator: Mike Kennedy

Panelists: Mike Kennedy, Mitzi Bartlett, Lyde Van Hoy

Tracks: Art, Writing & Publishing, Supernatural & Paranormal, Horror, Fantasy, Comics

5:00 PM | Location: Boomer A

Mapping Out Magic

Making sense of how a magic system works. What are the limits of magic in a fantasy world? How do those boundaries enrich the story?

Moderator: Julia S. Mandala

Panelists: Julia S. Mandala, David Carrico, J.H. Fleming, Carolyn Kay, Dennis McDonald, Bradley H Sinor

Tracks: Writing & Publishing, Fantasy, Supernatural & Paranormal

Noon | Location: Sooner B

Philosophy of Fear

Delve into what makes chilling tales so delicious. Purgation? Vicarious punishment? Just a sick psyche? Exactly why do we want to be frightened for entertainment?

Moderator: Tommy B. Smith

Panelists: Tommy B. Smith, Mark Alfred, Daniel Erickson, Pigeon, A C Smart

Tracks: Supernatural & Paranormal, Gaming, Writing & Publishing, Pop Culture & Entertainment, Film & TV, Horror

2:00 PM | Location: Sooner A

Roots & Influences: Mythology in UF

Authors discuss how mythology from various cultures plays a role in their urban-fantasy works and in those of other writers they admire.

Moderator: Mark Finn

Panelists: Mark Finn, Rosemary Clement-Moore, Kyri Hester, Karen Thrower

Tracks: History, Writing & Publishing, Supernatural & Paranormal, Fantasy

3:00 PM | Location: Boomer A

Spiritualism & the Occult in Victorian Times

Victorian culture across the world had a broad and complex relationship with spiritualism and the occult. Let's discuss!

Moderator: Bekah June

Panelists: Bekah June, Tim Chessmore, Kathleen M O'Brien, Jeff Provine, Rie Sheridan Rose, Karen Thrower

Tracks: History, Supernatural & Paranormal, General Interest

4:00 PM | Location: Boomer B

Folk and Fantasy, Kith and Kin

Modern fantasy and urban fantasy often draw from oral and academic histories of folktales worldwide. How are these best incorporated into today's sf stories? And what's the line between appreciation and appropriation of these cultural myths in making new media mythologies?

Moderator: Rhonda Eudaly

Panelists: Rhonda Eudaly, David Carrico, Shai Fenwick, A. Lee Martinez, Ted Pennella, Steven E. Wedel

Tracks: History, Pop Culture & Entertainment, Supernatural & Paranormal, Writing & Publishing, Fantasy

1:00 PM | Location: Embassy Hotel: Crimson Meeting Room

From Corpse Flowers to Corpses: Making Uncovering Oklahoma and Tales Unveiled

Writer, filmmaker, and paranormal podcaster Dennis Spielman and fellow author and podcaster Jeff Provine share the behind-the-scenes process for video and audio storytelling about all things weird, wacky, and whimsical in Oklahoma culture and urban legends.

Moderator: Dennis Spielman

Panelists: Dennis Spielman, Jeff Provine

Tracks: Podcasting, Film & TV, Supernatural & Paranormal, General Interest, Internet Life