Noon | Location: Oklahoma A1

Kids Writing Spooky Stories

Join award-winning author Kim Ventrella for an interactive spooky-story workshop. Young storytellers will learn how to choose the right main character for their spooky tale, how to plot for maximum chills, and how to get creative with their villains. Answer burning questions like, how do you make oatmeal scary? We'll walk through the brainstorming process from beginning to end, even touching on that scariest of all topics: writer's block. Our session ends with time for questions. Students will leave ready to write their own terrifying tales.

Moderator: Kim Ventrella

Panelists: Kim Ventrella

Tracks: Writing & Publishing, Kids, YA

10:00 AM | Location: Noble

Fairy Build-a-Tale

Kids choose raw components from a list of story elements to assemble their own Heroic Journey. (Adults welcome too. Limit 14 participants.)

Moderator: Steven E. Wedel

Panelists: Steven E. Wedel, Teddy Harvia

Tracks: Art, Kids, Writing & Publishing, YA