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Zagra Bonecrusher

Zagra Bonecrusher player character and stats card


Zagra Bonecrusher hails from a tribe of fierce warriors known for their prowess in battle. Raised in a harsh and unforgiving environment, she learned from a young age that strength was the key to survival. Her journey as a barbarian began when she experienced a powerful rage within her during a life-threatening encounter, tapping into the primal fury that now defines her.


Zagra exudes an air of toughness and intimidation, but beneath her gruff exterior lies a heart of gold. She fiercely protects those she cares about and will stop at nothing to defend her comrades. While her words may be harsh, her actions reveal a deep sense of loyalty and compassion. She has a soft spot for those in need, especially children and animals.


Zagra Bonecrusher’s path led her to join a diverse group of adventurers who initially misjudged her based on her fearsome appearance. However, they soon discovered that she was not just a relentless warrior but also a kind-hearted protector. Zagra’s unmatched strength and battle skills became invaluable assets to the party, and her unwavering loyalty made her a trusted companion.

Throughout their adventures, Zagra’s camaraderie and unexpected acts of kindness earned her the respect and friendship of her companions. She learned to channel her rage into a force for good, defending the innocent and standing up against oppression. While her exterior may be tough as bone, it’s her inner warmth and unwavering loyalty that define her true character as Zagra Bonecrusher.

Larken Lovewell

Larken Lovewell player character and stats card


Larken Lovewell was born to be a performer. From a young age, he displayed an uncanny ability to captivate audiences with his charismatic presence and mesmerizing voice. Raised in a family of traveling entertainers, Larken honed his skills as a bard, mastering the art of storytelling, song, and seduction.

As he grew older, Larken ventured beyond the troupe to explore the world, seeking not only fame and fortune but also the thrill of new experiences. His magnetic personality and quick wit soon made him a renowned figure in the realms of entertainment and romance.


Larken Lovewell is a master of charm and seduction. He possesses a sharp tongue and an even sharper mind, using his words and songs to beguile and enchant those around him. Larken is a lover of life, reveling in the pleasures of the world and sharing them generously with others. He’s a hopeless romantic who believes in the power of love and the magic of the moment.


Larken’s journey is one of romance and adventure. He roams from town to town, captivating hearts and leaving a trail of enamored admirers in his wake. While he may be a bard by profession, Larken’s true passion lies in forging deep connections and unforgettable memories with those he encounters.

He joined the party of adventurers not only to share their quests but also to discover new tales of love and intrigue. Larken Lovewell’s loyalty to his companions is boundless, and he uses his bardic talents to uplift their spirits, forge alliances, and even broker peace through the power of passion and persuasion.

With his magnetic charm and a heart full of romance, Larken Lovewell is a bard like no other, weaving tales of love, adventure, and desire that leave a lasting impression on all who have the privilege of crossing his path.

Evandor Trueheart

Evandor Trueheart player card and stats


Evandor Trueheart was raised in the sacred halls of a paladin order dedicated to righteousness and virtue. From a young age, he was instilled with unwavering faith in the ideals of justice and honor. Evandor’s naivety and innocence have remained intact throughout his training, making him a beacon of purity in a world filled with complexities and moral gray areas.


Evandor is the epitome of naivety and virtue. He approaches every situation with an unshakable belief in the inherent goodness of people and an unwavering commitment to his code of honor. His wide-eyed wonder at the world often leads to comical situations as he tries to navigate the intricacies of everyday life.

Despite his innocence, Evandor’s loyalty to his companions is unyielding. He would go to great lengths to protect and support them, firmly believing that together they can make the world a better place. His honesty and dedication serve as a moral compass for the party, even if his understanding of humor and cynicism often eludes him.


Evandor Trueheart’s journey began when he received a divine calling to become a paladin of righteousness. Leaving the sanctuary of his order, he ventured into the world to spread the light of virtue and combat injustice. Along the way, he encountered a group of seasoned adventurers who, despite their initial amusement at his naivety, recognized his unwavering commitment to goodness.

Joining this diverse group, Evandor has embarked on countless quests and adventures, always striving to uphold the highest ideals of honor and justice. His purity of heart often leads to humorous misunderstandings, but his dedication to his comrades and his unwavering faith in their mission make him an endearing and invaluable member of the party.

With his innocence, virtue, and unshakable commitment to righteousness, Evandor Trueheart is a beacon of light in a world filled with shadows, and his comedic interactions with his more worldly companions add a unique and endearing dynamic to their adventures.

Calista Stormcaller

Calista Stormcaller player card and stats


Calista Stormcaller’s life has been defined by the untamed power of sorcery that flows through her veins. Born into a family of tiefling spellcasters, she was marked by destiny from the moment of her birth. Her innate sorceress abilities manifested in the form of lightning and thunder, earning her the moniker “Stormcaller.”

As a child, Calista’s family recognized her potential and sent her to a prestigious arcane academy to refine her magical talents. There, she delved deep into the study of the arcane arts, mastering the control of elemental forces and harnessing the raw power of storms.


Calista is an enigmatic and confident sorceress. Her presence commands attention, and her words are often laced with subtle hints of electricity. While she carries herself with an air of mystery, she possesses a fierce determination to understand and control her sorcerous heritage fully.

Calista’s loyalty to her comrades is unwavering. She views them as an extension of her own family, and she is always ready to shield them from harm with her formidable magical abilities. She believes in using her powers for good and seeks to protect the innocent from those who would misuse magic.


Calista Stormcaller’s journey has been one of self-discovery and mastery. After leaving the arcane academy, she embarked on a quest to explore the world and unlock the secrets of her tiefling heritage. Along the way, she encountered a diverse group of adventurers who welcomed her into their fold.

Calista joined the party to expand her magical knowledge and to stand alongside her newfound companions in their quests. Her mastery over the elements, especially lightning and thunder, has proven invaluable in their adventures. Calista’s loyalty shines through in her protective spells, her ability to manipulate the weather to their advantage, and her unwavering commitment to the well-being of her friends.

With her electrifying presence and a heart dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and the protection of the innocent, Calista Stormcaller is a sorcerer of great potential and a steadfast ally to her adventuring family.