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Tiffany Gordon Cosplay is a professional costume/prop builder as well as educator on YouTube through her live crafting streams and tutorials, helping teach others to create their own cosplays from scratch. She is also an Air Force spouse from Texas, now residing in Nebraska. She is the Project Coordinator for Ultimate Cosplay. She first started building cosplays in 2008, bringing to life her favorite characters from anime and games. She uses a wide variety of materials such as leather, EVA foam, sewing, 3D modeling/printing, Worbla, and much more! She is most known for her Auriel cosplay from Diablo III, as well as her Atlantic Mercy cosplay from Overwatch. Check out her website for 2D blueprints/patterns and 3D CAD/.stl files to help your next creation. Visit her YouTube channel for tons of cosplay building tutorials.


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Join us for Oklahoma's Premier Pop Culture Convention.

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